It’s Sexy Time with Kina Monic’s “FNSM”

Miami-born singer Kina Monic has a sweet love-filling track with her single, “FNSM.” Combining elements of trap and 90’s R&B, “FNSM” puts Kina Monic’s attractive style on full display, giving everything she’s got to make the song the perfect addition to your love-jam playlists.

So exactly how does Kina Monic do it? It all starts at the introduction: A simple yet smooth arrangement of pad synths and short synths with a moderately quiet rain and thunder sound effect to create and solidify the song’s calming atmosphere. The hard-driving action starts when Kina Monic declares, “It’s sexy time!” and the inclusion of the percussion, which consists of rhythmic hi hats, snares, and 808 kicks, should blow away listeners.

Kina Monic does an excellent job with her vocal performance. In the verses where it’s just her, the 808s, and the synth pad, she’s able to keep her voice soft and sweet. The lyrics, which are generally well written, are audible, and the way she delivers them suits the song. She raises her voice at the right times, and her ability to bring it up properly readies listeners for the chorus. The chorus alone is catchy and memorable. It’s simple enough that listeners will feel invited to sing along or harmonize with Kina Monic’s powerful voice.

There’s also enough variety within the song to keep the sexy energy levels going. The second verse sounds different from the first by sounding a little more urgent and busy both in the vocal melody and the instrumental. Kina Monic’s also able to bring up the heat with a dreamy vibe in the bridge before going all out for the outro.

Overall, Kina Monic does all the right things to dim the lights and raise the heat for “FNSM” and its sexy time it promises. The only thing that’s keeping this song from rising to higher levels is the lack of tight mixing. More balancing between the vocals and the instrumental and an overall clearer sound would really make this song a mesmerizing wonder of love. “FNSM” is a great indicator of Kina Monic’s extraordinary talent, and she has given all the good reasons to listen to more of her music.

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