Zayde Wolf Surprise Present with New EP

The enigmatic Zayde Wolf graces us with what feels like a bonus EP in The Hidden Memoir, a follow up to his recent anthemic full album Golden Age. In this 4-track bomb, Wolf delivers a handful of songs that pack a surprisingly raucous punch in their own unique ways. The Hidden Memoir is a fantastic addition to Wolf’s growing discography, showing off his slow and steady growth as an artist.

The EP begins with the music video version of his smash hit “Built For This Time.” This rendition is much more echoey, progressing at a more cinematic pace and hitting hard at every chorus. The cathartic payoff makes this song well worth the listen, with Zayde Wolf’s signature song sounding more inspiring than ever.

“Rise Up” is a call to war that once again grows at a very steady pace as the song progresses. The song is sinister and adrenaline pumping, with Zayde Wolf’s voice domineering as he croons the song’s massive hook. Supplemented by a swelling instrumental that is epic in its premise, Zayde Wolf delivers an uproarious call to arms.

“Home” is a surprising melodic ballad that shows off a softer side of the pugnacious Wolf, singing this time over a reverberating and introspective piano-lead track. Although Wolf’s usual anthemic crooning shines here, the instrumental’s twinkling composition adds a warmth that listeners will fall enamoured with.

The EP then ends with the Genardyn remix of “Heroes,” another signature song by Wolf that is anthemic and massive. This one once again is heavy on reverberation, sounding more haunting than the original and packing a cinematic punch. “Heroes” rounds out a lovely bonus EP that will give Zayde Wolf fans yet more music to bite into.

For a short EP, The Hidden Memoir packs a surprisingly overall lethal punch. Each of the four songs sound like a a fantastic extension of Zayde Wolf, displaying a theatric side to the charismatic artist. The Hidden Memoir is a fantastic demonstration of how Zayde Wolf is one part pop singer, one part potential epic soundtrack composer.

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