Humble Braggers Cool in Debut Album

Humble Braggers delivers a cool and icy treat in their debut album I Know Better, I’m No Better. Mashing together sounds of indie dance, pop, and rock, the Buffalo troupe delivers a melodic record that is angsty and shoegazing as it is upbeat and fun.

The record starts off with “Fight,” a cool opening to the record that kicks off the album on a melodic and icy note. “Losing It” follows it up, with a pleasantly surprising dance breakdown coming in at the interlude.

Following the interlude on “In Passing I,” “Burdens” is a fun cut that has some of the more energetic guitar work you will hear on the track. Bordering on the edge of something danceable and gloomy, Humble Braggers shows off a welcome and youthful break that still doesn’t stray too far from their melancholic energy.

“Heart” is a shiny track that has some fantastic vocal work that soars in its desperate and heart wrenching chorus. Humble Braggers reaches anthemic levels on “Heart,” elevating the melodic and emotional energy of the record.

Photo by Shauna Kerr

After the second interlude “In Passing II,” “Weight” has an overall light and bouncy feel to it that is rounded together by a wonderful chorus. Its light energy carries nicely forward into “Better,” an 80’s-synth-laden track that feels spacey and ethereal. The band comes together to create something that is hollow and eerie, with Humble Braggers really bringing out a gracefully morose energy throughout the track.

“Falling Apart” featuring Space Cubs ends the record on a jazzy, spacey note. Putting together chill sounds that are easy to vibe to, Humble Braggers closes the album on a soulful and sleepy high.

With a tight production amplified by slick writing, Humble Braggers delivers a stellar indie record with I Know Better, I’m No Better. Surprisingly conceptual and theatric, Humble Braggers sound fantastic, with the promise of great potential for the future.

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