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We’ve all been there. It’s that moment when you lock on to a new love interest, when it feels like nothing else in the world matters. The right person can have this effect and TRACES has tapped into this sentiment on his recent single “Hypnotized.” The California artist croons on the track about someone who sends him into an altered state as he imagines them together. With explosive electronic production from Michael Morgan, the song packs a punch that is reminiscent of its charged subject matter.

The song’s narrator plays the role of an admirer from afar, highlighted by the lyrics in the pre-chorus: “I could fabricate it a million way/ how you would look good on me.” It’s implied that the affair is still forthcoming, an infatuation that exists only in the mind of the narrator. Later he writes, “What I’ve got, oh I’d give it all to you,” proving he has an almost desperate need to make the connection.

While the production and delivery on “Hypnotized” are solid throughout, the song’s chorus is what truly stands out. TRACES’ broken delivery of the word “Hypnotized,” combined with the heavy synth riff, make for a memorable hook that brings the song’s message home. He reiterates his need to get with the love interest, singing, “Gonna make me lose all my composure/ fire & ice/ but I want to get you little closer.” The reference to opposing elements makes the idea of the romance that much more enticing.

All together, “Hypnotized” is a bombastic and effective synth pop track. TRACES, with help from Steve Solomon, shows succinct writing that works in concert with Morgan’s production to offer a unified musical experience. Look out for TRACES and his team to take off in the near future.

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