Kemi Ade Will Open Your Third Eye

For anyone less inclined to follow trends of religion and spirituality, the concept of love is probably the closest thing to a higher power out there. It has the ability to heal and bond people, and there’s no denying that it irreparably affects anyone in its path. Singer Kemi Ade connects the dots between love and spirituality on her recent single “Third,” from her upcoming O.W.Nesty EP. The South London native gives a pointed, purposeful performance on the track and is supported by skilled production work from Nosa Apollo and Eliza Brown.

“Third” describes the kind of relationship that Ade strives for, one that takes her to another plane of existence. The song opens with minimal music, giving room for Ade’s line, “I wanna be the one to open your third eye.” The connections between the relationship and spirituality continue throughout the track, particularly in the chorus, as Ade reminds us of the reciprocity of a transcendent romance. She writes, “Take me to another time/ doesn’t matter baby where we are, I’m sure you’ll find/ you can open my third eye/ don’t matter where, it’s true/ I wanna roll with you.” In this idealistic relationship, both partners take each other to far away places, causing them to lose their sense of time.

The music on “Third” goes through a few evolutions over the course of the track, just as would a budding romance. As previously mentioned, the first verse starts fairly sparse musically, with a single chord progression and thin drums. Things then almost completely drop away before the chorus, before building up again for the explosive, four-on-the-floor music under the hook. The swelling and dissipating nature of the music is an apt representation of a new love just starting to take hold.

Perhaps more notable than most of the other traits apparent on “Third” is the confidence shown by Ade on the track, both in her lyrics and vocal delivery as well as the production choices. The combination of solid musicianship and a fully realized, original artistic voice from Ade should make O.W.Nesty one to watch for in the future.

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