Milo Greene Creates a Repeat-Worthy EP with Never Ender

Four piece indie band Milo Greene from Los Angeles, California released their third album Never Ender EP in early February 2017, which is a five-track cinematic wonder.

Milo Greene gets the adrenaline going with the first track, “I Know About You.” The introduction sounds like distant air raid sirens that adds a lot of fear to the song. The song transitions over into an arrangement of acoustic guitar and electric guitar strums as well as rhythmic drums. The vocal performance is pretty solid and there’s a lot of power and emotion with the chorus that sing the lines, “You watch me burn in the fire / I should’ve known all along.” The first track is a short one and clocks out around two and a half minutes, but it does just enough to have listeners tightly gripping on for the remainder of the album.

“We Kept the Lights On” has a dark vibe to it that is kept busy by the song’s quick pace. This quick pace is driven by not just the rhythm of the song but also the chorus where the vocalists sing, “You keep running, running / You keep running, running back to me.”

Never Ender EP slows down with the third track, “Keep My Head.” It’s the longest song on the album which tops out around five and a half minutes. For the introduction, the first verse, and the chorus the first time around, the song instrumentally is dominated by just acoustic and electric guitar. Soon afterwards the drums join in, and its arrangement adds some pace to the rhythm while preserving the somber mood. The vocal performance throughout the song is amazing from the lead to the backing vocals. Together they add a haunting kind of vibe to the song. For a song that seems to be about wanting to be loved but also not being good enough, the song perfectly captures that emotion.

“Afraid of Everything” picks up the pace. Despite its title, it’s a feel-good love song where the vocalist has anxiety but is unafraid when they’re with their lover. The chorus has a pleasing, energetic, and refreshing vibe to it that can add sunshine to a rainy and lazy afternoon.

The album closes out with “I’ll Wait.” The song is strongly dominated by the vocalists, and they do a good job bringing out the song’s emotions through the melody and harmonies. The instrumental is kept simple and has the sound to complement the vocals without overdoing anything.

Overall, Milo Greene’s Never Ender EP is a pleasure to listen to. There’s a lot of things that the vocals and instrumentals do that create a strong cinematic experience. While the variety between each song is satisfactory, a little more difference in the sound would have made the album even more appealing. But there isn’t anything to dislike about the album. Milo Greene has a respectable album.

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