Leeroy Stagger Rises in I Want It All

Churning together healthy doses of rock, country, and folk sounds into an upbeat package, “I Want It All” by Leeroy Stagger is a joyful and catchy hit that will certainly raise spirits.

The bearded singer dishes out a wonderfully surly voice that synergizes fantastically with the pub-esque pint-clinking instrumental. The song is lyrically and musically a joy, with all the capabilities of bringing even the meekest back to liveliness. Stagger is cool both in his appearance and performance, putting together a wonderfully melodic number that listeners will appreciate for its warm and optimistic tone.

We’re a little disappointed in how short the song is, which does seem to stop the song just when it’s reaching its full momentum. For that reason, we can’t give full marks to the song writing, as Stagger seems to still have room to show off his charm and bring the song back for one more chorus. Even so, while the song has the makings of a boisterous clapper, Stagger doesn’t seem to capitalize on the energy, with the song lacking in any true high-spirited and memorable moments.

Nevertheless, listeners are sure to have fun with “I Want It All,” from its stylish facade all the way down to its warm tones. There’s the potential for greatness in this song that Leeroy Stagger teases us with, however, it falls just a tad short.

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