It’s Easy to Love Carina and her Album “July 28th”

All Carina needs is her guitar, piano, and vocals to establish an intimate connection with her audience. She treats pop listeners with her EP July 28th released on the 28th of July, 2016 with a sound carrying soul and blues elements. Her songs deliver meanings that speak about “love and heartbreak, social observations, celebrations, and laments.”

The first track, “Blue,” gets listeners right into the groove with a laid-back song that features a simple kick, hi-hat, and snare pattern, guitar strums, and piano keys under a moderate tempo. The presence of Carina’s vocals is easily felt. She does a good job controlling her singing in terms of pitch and dynamics. In the middle of the song, listeners are treated with an instrumental break with a violin solo. There’s a lot of things that are already going on with the first song alone, leaving listeners pleasantly appreciative with what Carina has to offer with her music so far.

“Not Easy to Love” has a quieter sound for a heartfelt moment with Carina. The violin performance isn’t overdone and does an exceptional job supporting Carina’s vocals with the ability to captivate listeners during its solo moments. “This Is Goodbye” picks things up with an aggressive instrumental that represents Carina’s tensions within herself. Her anger can be felt at the chorus where she loudly asks herself, “What the hell was I thinking?”

“July 28th” is probably the most cinematic song in Carina’s EP. The song is well-written and its in-depth lyrics speak of the singer’s strong memories with someone else. To close out the EP, Carina brings back the laid-back vibe with “Murphy’s Law” that is instrumentally dominated by an electric organ and has a sound that is alike to Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” but slower.

With July 28th, Carina has a solid EP release which sounds like it’s slightly playing it safe, as there is room for a little more variety with the sound. With that in mind, it’s still easy to fall in love with Carina and her music.






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