Reed Four Debuts with Bedford to Bellemeade

Four-piece Evansville, Indiana-based indie band Reed Four aims to bring back the feel-good vibe that 90’s rock delivered. With influences ranging from bands such as Radiohead, Alabama Shakes, and Florence and the Machine, Reed Four creates and presents their ten-track debut album, Bedford to Bellemeade that encompasses themes of love, loss, reflection, and self-acceptance.

album-coverBedford to Bellemeade opens with a short track, “Tongue in Cheek,” which introduces listeners to Reed Four’s instrumental and lyrical style in a moderate tempo. The second track, “Old Piano,” picks things up a little bit with an anthemic chorus, while the following track, “Wink Wink,” darkens the moods, strengthened by images of empty apartments, bats, and black birds.

The “whoo’s!” and the “yeah’s!” in “Gift” gives the moderately fast-paced song a little “addictive” listening factor. Meanwhile, the fifth track “Me and You” is fantastically composed, offering a long moment of contemplation with mesmerizing vocals and instrumental breaks. This momentum carries over to the succeeding tracks “Frightening” and “How I Feel for Me.”

Despite the title of the song, Reed Four picks things back up with “Slow.” “Parachute” delivers a sound that has a relaxing vibe, with images of flight and parachute landing. Reed Four closes out the album with “Drive,” which has an apparent urban midnight vibe.

Overall, Bedford to Bellemeade serves as a solid and respectable debut for Reed Four. There isn’t much excitement and variety in the sound, but listeners should still give a nod to the deep lyrical writing and Reed Four’s attempt to connect to them with relatable themes.






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