ILana Tarutina Brings Out the Bad Guys

Ilana Tarutina likes to work under an unrestricted genre-free sound. With elements consisting of drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep, and house, the Toronto, Ontario-based musician presents “Bad Guys,” released early September 2016.

Essentially, “Bad Guys” goes hard. It starts off quietly with looping vocal samples ducked under a filter. If there is no featured vocalist with Ilana Taratuna, I’ll assume she sings the first few lines with a pitch-down effect. These low-pitched vocals also provide backing vocals throughout the song. So straight away, Ilana Tarutina shows creative work with her vocals.

Ilana doesn’t need vocal effects to show her power, though. She shows off her impressive raw power and range at the chorus. Once we get to the instrumental break, the beat drops. We start hearing the looping vocal samples from the beginning again, this time taking control of the chorus along with the thumping beat, slick synthlines, and deep buzzing basslines. The drop could use a little more excitement, though.

The quiet verse-vocal chorus-beat drop pattern repeats again a second time through, without much difference. The song enters the bridge, and there’s a moment where Ilana chants “We’ll always be the bad guys” and the backing vocals respond with, “bad guys!” This appropriately invites the audience to chant along with her during this moment. After quieting out for a moment, the song explodes back out with the beat drop one more time.

The music video for the single features clips from the movie Suicide Squad and Ilana Tarutina performing the song in a studio. While the mixing is solid and the instrumental and vocal stems are balanced enough, I do hear some clipping occurring throughout the song.

Overall, Ilana Tarutina has a respectable release in “Bad Guys” that will please a lot of listeners. Ilana Tarutina doesn’t hold back in both her vocal performance and the overall production of the song.





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