Exclusive Interview with MOONZz

“90% of our galaxies and stars are undiscovered.”

That is your cool space fact for today, offered to us by none other than the wonderful MOONZz. She can explain to you better than we can, but this space factoid explains the energy behind her music, the idea of the unknown while fulfilling our potential. “MOONZz” is more than just a stylistic way of representing your love for space — the singer tells us eloquently just what goes into her craft and how she aims to inspire people.

24Our Music got the opportunity to sit down with the talented writer and singer as she discussed her quirky name and image origins, as well the process behind her music. Coming off the heels of her recent EP Trust Cycles, MOONZz gives us an insight into the writing process behind her album, while also briefly discussing artists she would love to collaborate with. We also ask her about any upcoming tours and shows, the answer to which is in our interview.

Moondzz24Our Music – Hey MOONZz, for our readers, tell us really quickly who you are and what you do.

I’m Molly, also known as MOONZz, a 25-year-old storyteller, dreamer and composer.

24Our Music- We’re really intrigued with the space imagery of your entire act. Firstly, why space?

Space scares us, but why? The only logical reason is because it’s one of the few things we cannot yet control and don’t entirely understand. I read recently that 90% of our galaxies and stars are undiscovered. It’s 2016… Isn’t that a crazy statistic? From the Big Bang to now, we’ve discovered hundreds of thousands of planets, and most if not all have one or more moons, each with a more unique cosmic character than the next. And as far as we know, we have only reached one of them. The scope of what we have yet to experience is so massive, and I find it fucking beautiful to think about how much more we have to see and learn. MOONZz is the reminder that every day we get one step closer to fulfilling our potential. We’re all evolving at an alarming rate, discovering moons of our many planets, exploring much of what we used to deem impossible. And sooner than many care to acknowledge, what was once impossible is quickly becoming an inevitability. I find inspiration in that.

24Our Music- Secondly, what is the origin of your name, and why is it stylized the way it is?

MOONZz was a cosmic coincidence – from a nickname my sisters called me growing up, mixed with my obsession with looking at the stars through my telescope with my dad, I developed a deep love and appreciation for our known galaxy and the mysteries beyond.

24Our Music- We love how adamant you are in pinning a genre to your music. Why might genre not apply to you, and how do you stay free from that type of barrier?

I feel like if a listener gets so used to your sound, it becomes monotonous – that being said, I’m constantly challenging myself to experiment: with production, approach to harmonics, with compositional choices, time signature, anything that pushes me to be better and surprise myself is the most important. I’ll always live in the R&B/soul inspired world, but the best part of writing is reinvention, and shedding skin you once thought would hold you back.

24Our Music- Let’s talk about your EP, Trust Cycles. What went into the recording process for this record, and what were some of the challenges?

This EP showcases my writing style, as both producer and musician. Some listeners may not know that I grew up playing piano for hours, so this was the opportunity to bring my unique progressions and harmonies to the table. Like any artist, the hardest part of saying something is 100% finished is actually letting it be… These seven records on Trust Cycles were all woven together at the tail end of everything, when we were deciding the EP title, artwork, tracklist order etc. I’ve realized I have a hard time not hearing little things I could’ve changed or a harmony I could have sung differently. But at the end of the day, it circles back to exactly what MOONZz symbolizes – finding trust in change.

24Our Music- Were there any songs that maybe you enjoyed recording over others?

“Every Every” was a moment of clarity in myself, in my worth, and my sexuality. It put everything in perspective.

24Our Music- How did the collaboration with HYDDE come about? It is certainly one of the more impressive tracks on the record.

Thank you! I really love AYW, too. So, I came over to HYDDE’s studio back in October 2015 and had that chord progression idea on piano. We started pretty quickly with our friend Jake Hawkes, and came up with the hypnotic chorus, “Anything You Want, I can do it for you…”. We finished the song so quickly, and it was stuck in my head for daaays on end.

image124Our Music- Can you tell us about any plans to tour or any notable shows that are coming up?

I can’t announce quite yet, but keep a look out for top of the year/spring announcements!

24Our Music- Are there any artists, past or present, that you would love to collaborate with?

Oh man…
Living: Mick Jagger, Neil Young, Ben Gibbard of Postal Service/ DCFC, Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow, Tom Petty, and of course Carole King, Anderson Paak, Thom Yorke, Taylor McFerrin, John Mayer, Erykah Badu, Sia, James Murphy, Aretha Franklin, Phantogram, Kevin Parker of Tame Impala…I feel like I could keep listing so many inspirational people I admire, but there’s a solid start.

Dead: Frank Sinatra, Amy Winehouse, and Elliot Smith.

24Our Music- If MOONZz was a dessert treat, what would she be?

A dark-chocolate dipped mint chip Bon Bon with crunch on the inside. Always sweet but takes a bit to get to the core.

24Our Music- Thank you MOONZz for taking the time for talking to us!

Thanks for taking the time to interview me… x

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