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Colorblue are a Finnish group based in Helsinki currently, but they want everyone to know who they are and are ready to show the world what Colorblue is about. I was lucky enough to be able to have a short conversation with them and try to learn a little bit more about what they do. I’m pleased to say that they are a welcoming bunch of people that are making music filled with energy and passion.

24Our Music: So tell us a little about yourselves and your history as a band to start off

Colorblue: Me and the guitarist Antoine had a band together for a decade. The Duke was all about 70’s classic rock. We went through different genres from prog to more poppier style. We had numerous gigs all over Finland and had a status of one-hell-of-a-dangerous-band. We also won a band contest in Gothenburg, Sweden and had some random shows in Russia!

24Our Music: So what caused The Duke to end after what was clearly a successful run?

Colorblue: We buried The Duke in October 2014 as our drummer couldn’t go on doing gigs etc. and the genre was about to take some turn.

24Our Music: So when did Colorblue come to be?

Colorblue: Colorblue was formed in November 2014 a sauna (so Finnish!). I had a meeting with Benjamin who I got to know 2007. He was playing drums in a pop-punk band called Cardiac Catalyst. We had some gigs together some years earlier. I realized there in the sauna that he wasn’t currently playing in any band and I needed a new drummer. Everything happened pretty fast as week later we already had first rehearsals. Oliver had been a gig bass player in The Duke when we had our last gigs earlier that year so it was more than natural to ask him to join Colorblue. Oliver had his roots in the guitar pop band called Sons of Suns which was still operating. The guys had been playing together ever since the elementary school. Later on they decided to have a break which made it a bit easier to Colorblue.

24Our Music: So now that you had the lineup formed, what was the next step for the band?

Colorblue: It had been very slow earlier releasing new music and videos. I wanted to change that. From the beginning the plan was to be very active and visual band. During the first six months we released three singles and made a music videos for all of them. We had different kind of characters who represented Colorblue. Naturally they wore blue 🙂 For example in our debut single/music video “Blue is Our Color” we had two figures dressed in blue plastic capes and they were carrying baseball bats.

24Our Music: That’s amazing! The theatrics are excellent and I enjoy the theme you’re doing for. Can you tell us about what you’re working on right now?

Colorblue: We’re currently recording our first album which is scheduled to be released in February 2017. During our existence we’ve been flirting with different kinds of musical directions. We have gone through experiencing electronic beats, soul and even some disco. In the album we’re focusing the genre into a more folkish pop sound. As a songwriter my strength is Britpop style ballads so we’ll be serving that kind of stuff as well. At one point I think I got a bit on the sidetrack trying to create more danceable material. For now more slower songs feels right.

24Our Music: What can fans (new and old) expect when they come to see you perform the material live?

Colorblue: In our live shows we have challenged ourselves to be pretty faithful to the recorded material. Sometimes you get disappointed watching live shows if the band is different than it sounds on a record. So we’re trying to generate live shows sound the same as it does in the album. Though in the live set we have here and there extra intros which lead into the actual song. We’re also pretty enthusiastic jam band what it comes to live performances. Me and guitarist Antoine are big fans of Pink Floyd etc. so we’ve been trying to retain our psychedelic roots. Once in a while it may happen something that separates us being a basic modern act. Though we’re serving pretty modern production there’s always a special old school angle in almost every song.

24Our Music: That’s excellent to hear, on behalf of 24Our Music and (hopefully) some new fans, thanks for chatting with us today!

This new and upcoming band are enthusiastic, energetic and ready to play around the world. As they stated they strive to give their best at every performance. Striving to be the best they can live or on a record, Colorblue are a band to watch out for and I hope to see more of them.

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