Seven Story Fall take a leap with I, Spy

Seven Story Fall was created in 2002 and has seen many changes on the road to it’s current form. Originally a four piece band, this unique act eventually shifted to a solo act on the shoulders of Hunter Kennedy alone. A unique project to see a pop punk act move to a single artist lineup, it begs the question can a single person still give us the energy that pop punk music requires?

With the latest single “I, Spy” Hunter may very well prove just that. The instrumentation on the album is consistent across the board, well mixed with a knowledgeable hand the guitar work shines through. Never allowing any one instrument to overshadow the others, everything has a place and is well blended to create a fun and energetic sound that you would expect from a good pop punk act. The lead vocals are excellent throughout the verses however they do falter somewhat on the chorus, it seems to be the only weak point of the song. Hunter has a strong voice but perhaps not enough range to provide both the main vocals as well as backup harmony. Now that said part of the charm of pop punk is not perfection but passion, and this song does a good job of giving you a lot of energy.

Seven Story Fall has released three EP’s and one full length album, with a big gain in momentum and attention with interviews in newspapers and a variety of other media.This drive and success has lead to Hunter be able to work a large variety of producers notably Erik Ron (producer for albums from Good Charlotte, Saosin and many others). While Seven Story Fall may not be perfect, it will grow on you and certainly proves that a pop punk act can indeed flourish as a solo project. For that Hunter Kennedy deserves your attention on this track, you may not love it but it certainly has earned my respect and hopefully yours.



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