Nate Christian’s Wonderful Adventures in Wonderland

Rising Sun, Maryland-based Nate Christian looks to take everything he learned studying songwriting at a college in Sydney, Australia and apply it with his 2016 twelve-track album, Wonderland.

Nate Christian begins the album with “Gone,” a post-breakup song that puts the album off to a great start. It doesn’t hold back in making things pacey. Its catchy chorus where the drums join in for a kick-snare-kick-snare pattern, along with a piano for rhythm support, and the vocals shouting, “and now you’re gone!” sets a good impression for the rest of the album. “Drunk” strips the instrumental down just a little bit with a meaner sound, while “Yesterday’s Love” is heartfelt. Nate Christian puts on a nice vocal performance here, and the emotions he releases when he belts out, “Sometimes you gotta let go,” are immediately felt.

The mood carries over to “Wonderland.” The first half of the song takes more of a quiet, whispering approach to take listeners by the bonfire. The second half hears clearer, accented strum patterns and Nate Christian belts his voice out more. “Silence” opens up with fast strums that quiets out at the chorus the first time around where he begins to sing. At the middle of the song, things reach a cinematic height where Nate Christian belts out the word “silence” and we get forte quarter note strums. The orchestral strings that accompany the guitar afterward sounds slightly awkward, but doesn’t do too much to take the song out of epic mode.

Nate Christian continues to deliver the uplifting mood with love song, “Till the Sun Burns Out,” before softening back with “Other Man.” With a song title like “Mayday! Mayday!” you’d expect it to be a loud and aggressive song. The song is only explosive for the second half of the song where Nate Christian begins to belt out the lyrics and repeat the line, “I don’t need you to need me. I just want you to want me.” The beauty of this song lies in the lyrics he sings from the start, where there’s a lot of words and rhymes that effectively conveys his message.

“Honeydew” sees Nate Christian use his voice along with keys for the most part with the instrumental in a heavily heartfelt song. “Still Believe” carries a sharp sound with a fast tempo. Nate Christian’s soft voice in “Fool’s Gold” makes it an emotional and highly relatable love song. Wonderland closes out with the six minute epic, “Finale.” As usual, Nate Christian does wonderful work with the lyrics and the arrangement. The only downfall with this song is when the synthesized drums kick in: The sound gets too squashed by the kick drum.

Overall, there’s a lot of content Nate Christian delivers in his debut album, Wonderland. There’s no way listeners will be unable to find a song that connects with them. The quality of the lyrics are top-notch and the delivery is excellent. Wonderland is a great foundation for Nate Christian to build upon moving forward, leaving his fans excited to see what he can deliver next.

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