Andy Craig Gives a New Take on Lost Love

Heartbreak takes many forms in the music world. It’s one of the most common inspirations for songwriting out there, which also makes it one of the most difficult to make sound original. The Scottish musician Andy Craig has put forth a fresh take on the theme with his single “The Warning.” The lead single from Craig’s forthcoming album Embers finds the singer-songwriter admitting mistake in a relationship, with his words set against a lush musical pad of guitars and synths.

“The Warning” was written, performed, and produced by Craig himself, with the only other contribution being Paul McShane on lead guitar. The song shows that Craig has a clear vision for his music, evidenced by its cohesive sound and overall arch from beginning to end. There are a few moments where the song has the sound of being “self-produced,” but for the most part, Craig’s work is effective and impressive.

The standout element on “The Warning” is Craig’s lyrics. He writes about the disappointment of realizing a relationship is destined for failure. He makes note of his inability to recognize the problems in the romance, writing, “ Those warning signs were everywhere / beauty hides what isn’t there.” The overall mood of the song is almost tragic as it appears that Craig truly believed in the relationship before realizing it was doomed. He implies that he worked through some challenges to make it work: “I tripped on the way here / abandoning all fear / I thought I was so near.” The most enigmatic aspect of the song is the actual warning itself, to which he writes, “ I’d chosen to ignore the warning – the lighthouse.” It’s only mentioned once in the song and it’s unclear if it represents something specific in the relationship or is merely a metaphor for a warning, a guiding light through darkness that he overlooked.

Craig’s creative perspective on a broken romance, combined with his engaging songwriting and production work, make “The Warning” a worthwhile listen. He writes that the rest of Embers will contain the themes of “love found, love lost, love unanswered, and love observed,” and while that may sound just like so many other artists, “The Warning” proves that Craig will keep things unpredictable.



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