Lyel is Coming for the Rain

I love rain. I also love Lyel’s latest single, “Coming for the Rain,” which was released on August 19th, 2016.

Using her voice and heavily reverbed atmospheric synths and drums that gracefully bounce off glass walls, the Helsinki, Finland-based artist delivers a top-notch electronic pop song that requires no effort to take you away to your faraway fantasy land. Immediately, the listener is greeted with high-pitched short synths with a good delay time and supporting filtered pad synths. Furthermore, Lyel’s vocal performance doesn’t stumble out of the gates. Her smooth delivery complements the song very well, and it immediately locks the listener into the song’s relaxing atmosphere with no escape.

coming-for-the-rain-lyel-cover-artThe hook and the chorus are perhaps the best moments of Lyel’s vocal performance and the song overall. The catchy lyrics and the delivery of her high pitched notes has this mysterious way of emotionally connecting with the listener.

The drum beat is also produced well. The hi hat patterns are not overdone and do well enough to spice up the rhythm. The reverb and delay on the snareclap, as well as the reverb on the kick drum, are mixed just at the right levels. They don’t overpower the song by drowning out the other stems and adds support to the shape of the song’s atmosphere.

“Coming for the Rain” is only three minutes and thirty seconds long so it actually feels like such a short amount of time when you’re listening to such a beautifully produced single. The only solution? Play it on repeat! “Coming for the Rain” is part of Lyel’s upcoming EP release set to come out September 30th. A single like this adds excitement and impatience for the album. Until then, we have “Coming for the Rain” to fall in love with and set us up for a promising release.






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