Tacachale Chamber Orchestra Delivers a Hell of a Good Time!

Tacachale Chamber Orchestra is a Florida band that can only be described as absolutely adorable with a touch of sass. In the same vein, their new single, “I Don’t Want a Hurricane,” is an interesting mix of country bumpkin and pop. With banjo, steel guitar, swirling synths and a marching band drum line, you can’t help but feel good listening to a song about an impending natural disaster. On top of that energetic instrumental background is a very sweet and vulnerable sounding voice. The male voice is an interesting contrast to the instrumentals, and plays a steering role when it comes to the plethora of tempo changes that occur throughout the single. These tempo changes are executed masterfully and help keep the listener’s attention next to such a subtle vocal.

From the upbeat chorus to the slow, 60s inspired, heartthrob bridge, “I Don’t Want a Hurricane” is just a fun song plain and simple. It could definitely be a song in a scene transition for a Disney movie. Well, except maybe for the part where they creepily whisper “death and destruction.” Of course, the big finish is a breakdown lead by claps, that slowly evolves into a dystopian, rewound version of the chorus. You know, the usual.

Tacachale Chamber Orchestra has delivered a roaring good time with this single and it would seem that, as a band, they are just as eclectic as their music. For any readers who’d like a good chuckle, I highly recommend visiting this band’s social media sites because the way they summarize their own music is hilarious!





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