Moon Days will show us The Light

Moon Days are a unique three piece band out of South Jersey with a seven song EP titled The Light. This EP is an adventure into indie pop rock mixed with some psych-rock and even a bit of flute!

the-lightThe album starts out with a slow and moody piece titled “Put Me Out”, which immediately shows off the writing talent behind this group. The lyrics are well thought out and fun, with great imagery backed up by a great set of instrumentation. The music that moves the lyrics along is even handed and fun, never boring or wasted notes in this track. Everything serves a purpose in moving the song (and EP) forward towards the journey Moon Days want to take you on. This flows nicely into the second track “I’m Happy” (which does indeed feature the flute!) a song that is at times light and happy as well as dark and sad, which is a good description for Moon Days atmosphere. There is a certain energy here in the lyrics, that presents us with a soothing set of music to ease us into what is at first glance a happy song. Yet looking closer at the lyrics it may have more to it than meets the eye. This track also features a great bridge piece that makes this the longest piece on the album, and it feels perfectly placed.

“He Will Be Here Tonight” just might be a love song from Moon Days, or at least as close as we’ll get from them. This lovely piece of music has a great intro, featuring a well layered set of instruments to get you ready for what is a highlight of the album. With lyrics focusing on someone in love that is hardly perfect, but none the less in love and trying his best. The backing harmony here is excellent, and the subtle lead vocals really do the song justice. With sharp lyrics and well formed imagery this song is my favourite from the album. “Coincidence” is a dark experimental piano ballad that is a bit of a contrast to the other sounds of the album, and it fits well in the middle. Showing off some other talent of the group, proof that they don’t fall easily into one category. The ending track of this album is titled “Delaware” and is a perfect ending, an ode to fighting for something that won’t be easy. A song that asks for reassurance and acknowledges that it won’t happen without a fight, the vocals here are at their best (which isn’t saying much as the whole EP is great) and the lyrics are simple but to the point.

11902467_683968878404912_7404850535552202667_nMoon Days are a great three piece, they balance a few different genres easily and never falter in delivery. The EP has great production, the vocals and instrumentation are fantastic across the board. With fun lyrics, a mix of high and low energy this EP is a great piece to listen to and wind down at the end of the day. For any fan of something new, fans of ballads and experimental indie folk styling. Moon Days have something for everyone, they are a group that hopefully goes far as this was a delight to listen to and write about.

The Light by Moon Days



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