E.S.T. Bring Good Vibes

E.S.T. are a four piece rock group, which sounds too simple for what they have to offer. The latest track titled “Vibes” is anything but simple.

“Vibes” is a rocking bluesy tune, with a vocal style that borders on a growl in the vein of Tom Waits this song is simply put; great. It’s a short but sweet song, featuring catchy lyrics that are backed by some incredible guitar work. The riffs care balanced out by smooth percussion that keeps the timing perfectly and moves this song along nicely. However the highlight here really is the vocal performance. The lead vocals on this track are not perfect, but they add an old school blues edge to the song that will be sure to capture your attention immediately.

The production is on par with the best of independent releases, everything is balanced well and nothing is put in the background. Every element of the song is allowed to flourish throughout the track. A modern blues/indie rock hit that deserves to be heard, so stop wasting time and go check out E.S.T. immediately.



Twenty Nine year old Vegan dork passionate about hardcore music, burritos, and skateboarding. Living on the West Coast after experiencing the joy of the big city life, returning to the roots of Vancouver Island. I also write short stories, essays and nonsense on my personal website Misadventures In Writing.

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