Mike Daly & The Planets Sound Great in Newest Single

It’s never too late for some songs too finally see the light of the world.

“Never Too Late,” the 16-year old song by Mike Daly & The Planets, is a catchy offering that sounds like an upbeat backyard rock stomper. A fun factoid is that the track was originally composed for a CBS comedy that finished airing fourteen years ago. Clearly it has aged well, with the track aptly channeling a folksy country vibe in the likes of Semisonic. The touch of a viola and a cello absolutely complete this song, which gives it a charm that makes it more than just a fun and poppy track.

The chorus, which is undeniably the main feature of this track, makes clear why “Never Too Late” was in consideration to be a comedy’s theme song. Combined with the fact that the song has aged nicely, this is a track whose hook makes it almost an instant timeless classic.

It’s almost a shame that we never got to put to the test just how much the song could have stood the taste of time, but we’re glad that we finally get to hear it. “Never Too Late” is a fun and catchy track that avoids being too cliche, all while giving it that vibe which makes it universally enjoyable. In the context of it possibly becoming a TV show classic, “Never Too Late” sounds like it absolutely could have made it. However, there’s no point on dwelling on that ‘what-if,’ not when this fantastic song is playing right before you.



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