Bom Dia a NavesHarris

NaveHarris is an up-and-coming folk duo based in Sao Paolo, Brazil with members Jair Naves and Britt Harris. Their sound is very raw and earthy, usually with a major emphasis on the duo’s voices. With solid song writing as well as the advantage of including Portuguese lyrics, NavesHarris is able to set itself apart from other folk acts that are trying to sound like Of Monsters and Men. However, as their sound is so basic, I think it’s not the most listener friendly music yet. NavesHarris released their first EP NavesHarris this May.

The first song off this two song work “Am I the One,” is a great introduction to the group. It consists of purely the act’s voices accompanied by a ukulele to start. Initially, their two voices sing in a mellow and pleasant tone about the question of love. However, midway through, random background music comes in and gives a darker sense to a seemingly bright song. Unfortunately, it is unobvious to the listener whether these sounds are intentional mood setters, or if you left another tab open while listening.

“En Route to Rio (For You, The Moon)” gives you a sense of the different layers of the singers’ voices. Harris begins the song in a gentle tone proclaiming her loyalty to her lover. As she transitions into the chorus and into head voice, the listener can be taken aback, as she has quite a high pitch voice even without entering falsetto register. She is quickly contrasted by the low, whisper-like voice of Naves who sings the next verse in Portuguese. This time, when the chorus hits and they sing together, the emphasis is on Naves and the shocking quality of Harris’ voice is tamer.

a1731116938_10Alone, their voices are very clear and original, however can sometimes be somewhat off-putting. Yet, it is clear that they understand that they need to compliment each other with harmonies that are on-point. Furthermore, this duo still has plenty of time to get used to one another in studio. Moreover, their fan base seems to be willing to stay along for the ride as the act has booked many live shows since the release of their self-titled EP.



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