Jake Thomas Turnbull Takes Us Back to Young Love

For Jake Thomas Turnbull, his music isn’t about changing the world. The young and emerging singer-songwriter has only just begun his career in music, but if his first two releases are any indication, he concentrates his focus on one of the most fundamental aspects of life: love. With his acoustic guitar in hand and expressive vocals at the ready, Turnbull puts forth traditional yet emotional music that revolves around the inevitable ups and downs of romance.

The London-based Turnbull made his debut in early 2016 with “One More Day,” which was immediately met with significant interest and intrigue both in the U.K. and abroad. Since then, he has been performing around London to build his audience and was even featured on the BBC among other radio stations in Europe and America. His second single “Do Anything” was released in the summer of 2016 and with any luck, will continue to spread Turnbull’s musical brand to even broader audiences.

“One More Day” is an intimate song about the yearning of two people to stay together even when it might not be possible. In the song’s intro, Turnbull writes, “ Have I known you a lifetime? Or just for a day? I seen you smile at me / now you’ve gone away.” The words tap into the idea that oftentimes some of the most significant emotions we feel toward other people are fleeting, leaving us to chase after that dreamlike feeling. Turnbull’s singing and guitar playing are effective, if not particularly noteworthy, and the track is enhanced by a lush strong arrangement that gently weaves its way through the chord progression.

With “Do Anything,” things are stripped down to just voice and guitar, highlighting Turnbull’s words. Here he describes a typical story of a burgeoning love and his willingness to do anything to keep it intact. There’s a level of innocence on the track, with Turnbull portraying a boyish perspective of someone who perhaps hasn’t yet been heartbroken. He sings, “it’s only been a month, and I’m sure / I’m sure about you and if it’s meant to be.” There’s a sweetness and simplicity to his message that may take listeners back to their earliest experiences with love and remind them of that untarnished faith in romance that can get obscured over time.

Some may argue that Turnbull’s music isn’t entirely original and they would have some valid points. It’s clear, though, that he’s not particularly concerned with pushing boundaries, instead choosing to lean into this emotional territory. He makes himself courageously vulnerable as he puts his raw feelings into his music, which is commendable in a society that can be so jaded. Turnbull’s first two releases certainly offer enough to garner further attention as his audience will be waiting to see what the world has in store for him as he continues on his path.



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