NeuHuman Undertakes 100 Songs in 100 Days

“100 Songs in 100 Days” was a project presented by NeuHuman that started in March 21st and lasted until June 29th 2016, . The Austin, Texas-based project is exactly what it sounds like—NeuHuman released a song each and every day for the next 100 days.

The mastermind behind the project is Al Azar who is involved in the songs in many different ways, whether it’s by singing, playing the keyboard, strumming the guitar, or mixing, he certainly did a lot. He didn’t undertake this project alone, either—the songs were done in collaboration living in or passing through Al Azar’s local area.

“Dust To Dust” was the first track released for day one and features Al Azar on the vocals, guitar, drums, bass, and keyboards. Nicarao Navaraez is responsible for the mixing as is the case for most of the songs in this project and also provides the acoustic guitar for this particular song. “Dust To Dust” is a mellow, moderate-paced alternative rock song. “Wrath Of The Deity” was the song released for the second day and features Erich Graham on the vocals along with Al Azar on the bass, drums, electric guitar, and the keyboards. This song also takes on a rock sound with an emotional vocal performance by Erich himself.

One thing you’ll notice as you listen along with the playlist is that it doesn’t stick to only one genre. The purpose of this project, after all, is to experiment with “music and possibilities.” So really, it was an exploration of the many different sounds and genres music has to offer, all compacted into one 100-song project. The rock sound diverges at the fourth day with “We Live In The Future,” an electronically-driven track dominated by synthesizers, drum machines, and Nico DVBS’s 808 Kit. “Schroeder,” the song released on day five, is an epic six-and-a-half minute track dominated by a moving piano riff that eventually builds up with bass, drums, and guitars as the song goes along. “Meanwhile…Inside a Dream” which was released on the sixth day sinks into a seven-minute ambient track that really dozes you off into a gripping state of relaxation. Looking for a jazzy number? That’s exactly what “Shy Times” provides. What about a hip-hop-style beat? Look no further than the fifty-third track, “Where’s The Emcee?” Looking to get lost in piano pieces? “The Ebony Terrace” and “Stars.” “Shades of Grey” is a track done by Bucky Wunderlick and has a solid beat with many different moving sounds. Meanwhile, the thirteenth track, “Chicken Dinner,” tagged on SoundCloud as “chicken trash cock rock” is… well… exactly what you’d expect for a chicken dinner song.

I have to say that the tracks with singing vocals in general are mostly shaky. The mixing also could be improved as some of the instrumental stems are unbalanced. The songs that are instrumental-dominated do an efficient job of engaging the listener’s senses and moods. That being said, you ultimately can’t deny the amazing dedication put into this album. NeuHuman looks through the telescope and explores the many dimensions and scapes that music has to offer.

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