Ashley Yokashi Makes Us Believe In Love

We understand that there are many different ways to make a song which moves us deeply, but when an artist like Ashley Yokashi combines all those different ways into something so beautiful, the effect is like braving an emotional hurricane.

With vocals by emerging star Elle Vee (who was recently featured in Benny Benassi’s “Carousel,”) “Believe In Love” is a breath taking single that brings together honest and true lyricism with a flawless pop performance. It’s a song that marks a pivotal life moment that many listeners either have experienced or crave, the moment when one realizes how deeply in love they are.

This concept of announcing your unconditional devotion for someone isn’t something music has never seen, but Yokashi handles this tried and true message skillfully. In “Believe In Love,” Yokashi taps deep, putting everything on the line and professing someone’s importance to her. It’s a sort of song writing that is both personal yet universal, where Yokashi tells her story of being broken through past attempts at romance in a way that others can easily dive in and project their own interpretations onto the song. It’s masterful showmanship, with Yokashi singing over a soaring instrumental while putting forward a wonderful performance of her own.

The universality of this song can’t be understated. It has the feel of a 90’s Mariah Carrey or Celine Dion love song, while combining it with the modern sensibilities in the likes of Zara Larsson’s “Never Forget You.” It’s a song that many listeners of different types will easily be able to dive into, and it’s not difficult to imagine the many different ways a track of this magnitude could be used. Promposals, first dances at weddings, acoustic cover serenades, cheesy video montages; the possibilities are endless. Almost everyone has experienced to some degree the feeling of wanting, having, and finding true love after heart break, which is why this song will be so widely adored. It’s not often that an artist can sing about love in a way that is so universally moving, but Yokashi delivers this magnificently.

The potential for this song is massive. Audiences far and wide will latch onto this song and never let go, and with a music video whose cinematography is already on the same level of A-list love songs, it’s hard to see how this one won’t gain the traction it deserves. Ashley Yokashi’s “Believe In Love” is a monumental song that will captivate the world.



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