Animals In The Attic are anything but half asleep

Sacramento, California has given us a unique gift in Animals In The Attic. This sleepy sounding band have released their latest effort titled Half-Asleep Surf, which they also use to describe their melodic indie sound.

The opening two tracks of Half-Asleep Surf are both relaxing tunes to sway to, with sharp lyrics that flow well and a vocal delivery to rival the best of them. The opening number focuses on the theme of taking care of a loved one, a nod to helping someone let go of the past when they are ready to move on. Excellent contrast carries this song along, the soothing and reassuring vocals combine with the melodic (occasionally up tempo) instruments. Underwater is a track that sounds exactly like it’s name implies, the vocals are modified to sound as if they singer might just actually be underwater. The vaguely surf rock guitar riffs flow in and out from this track right into the next, Island Of Two. The production on vocals continues to shine, as the guitar work is more subtle but still carries the lyrics smoothly. The atmosphere in this song keeps up the style of sleepy melody that Animals in the Attic are so adept at creating.

The mid point of this album shifts gears briefly to the type of song you might expect to hear at a 1960’s soc hop. Better Things does this with little effort, the quality of every piece never falls. The vocal delivery is soothing, and each lyric is given with intention and passion. Words aren’t wasted here, nor are any of the supporting instruments. The drums particularly here move this song along at a more modern pace than the atmosphere might have you believe. The latter half of this album continues to cleverly blend the old with the new, combining elements of surf rock with more modern styles. What I Try, and The End (aptly named as the last track) particularly stand out in quality. The End starts off with an excellent bit of guitar work that may not be fancy but absolutely hits home. The drums and vocals come in to sweep us away, the ending of this album is perfect. A relaxing end to an album that was designed to help take away some of your worries if only for an hour.

The creative minds behind Animals in the Attic have stated that they wanted to create something to ease the minds of our anxiety filled generation, and I think they might just have created something to do that. Half-Asleep Surf is an easy going gem of an album. Though at first it may seem to be a little repetitive across the eleven tracks, you will soon realize that each track has something different to offer, while striving to keep the same atmosphere across the EP. This album is something unique, with a goal of soothing all of our anxious and stressed out minds Animals In The Attic will almost certainly achieve that. This album has wonderful production quality, passionate delivery from every member of the group. This album is a must listen for any fans of indie music, as well as anyone that might just be having a bad day and need a pick me up that won’t be found on the mainstream radio stations (yet).



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