Get Serenaded By Ivory Tusk Wondering Where You’re Gone To

Behind Ivory Tusk stands Ezequiel de Lima, a singer-songwriter from Argentina playing guitar and voice folk style. Extensive finger-picking and skills. Originally trying his chops on the Argentinian music scene, his lyrics being written in English didn’t float over so well with the crowd there. Feeling like it wouldn’t go anywhere, Ezequiel toured the U.S West and Southwest for 3 months in 2016, playing by himself with his guitar in cities like San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, San Diego and Los Angeles. One of these gigs led him to record at the Art Institute of Tennessee after meeting Harrison Brougham who was attending, and who offered him studio time. The 5 songs will be part of the next Ivory Tusk release, and are the product of spontaneity.

The single, Where Are You Running Now, is quite touching. It starts off with a minimal finger picking guitar, until the smoldering voice starts off. Ok, I’ll say it, he has a sexy voice! Shut up!

Damn, this is a good track. It’s minimal, but present. The guitar is spot on. It chases something, and never gets it. Just like the lyrics “Where are you running now”.

It’s a sincere track. I wonder how many takes it took to record. It sounds spontaneous, and authentic, like a one take track. There clearly is barely any bedazzle on it, if anything. Maybe a little reverb here and there, but overall, the simplicity of the recording combined with the minimal, yet impactful music is poignant. Can’t wait to get the final release to tell you more about him!



Classical pianist in the great times of wearing braces, insomniac sound engineer with a headphone imprint on my skull. Electroacoustic music composer during my existential self-questioning evenings. Mother to two garden gnomes, Third Culture Kid, Social Media consultant and freelance scribbler.
Always looking for more adventures, especially when it comes to travelling!

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