The Phantoms Want to Take The World

The Phantoms are a high energy rock and roll group that will grab you by the collar immediately and bring you along on a rock and roll odyssey.

Their EP Take the World, Vol. 1 begins with the song “Take The World (Let’s Go),” launching the EP with bravado and passion. The opening notes will hit you hard and fast. This rock group start off strong with a classic piece of rock and roll, with catchy lyrics that will have you singing along right away. While the lyrics are catchy and fun right away, the guitar work does its best to outdo the singing. Almost at war with each other (in the best of ways), the guitars roar along with each and every word never letting the energy fall. Leading us next into “Watch Me,” a slightly slower paced but equally hard hitting track that somehow manages to be just as catchy as the first track.

“Good As Gold” shifts things a little into a more modern style. While the opening tracks were straight up classic rock, these next pieces add some electronic elements to the music. Continuing the high energy lyrics and passionate guitar work, the theme of this album seems to be self confidence and self reliance. It’s an ego-boosting piece to put on when you are headed out and need motivation for the day, an album about getting what you want to inspire you. “Can’t Get Enough” returns to the energetic rock vibe with high energy and a fast pace right off the bat. With fun lyrics that once again are easy to pick up on for chanting the chorus with friends, it’s a classic party song for the ages.

10257875_623616271056437_4527052757692375130_oThe ending of this album is just as unique as every piece before it. “Wild” is a classic rock dance song. That may sound odd at first but I assure you, when you hit pay on this song you will understand. With a shift in the vocal delivery and styling, this song is a borderline club hit. An interesting end to what is otherwise a classic rock fueled album, this song is just as fun as the rest but feels just ever so slightly out of place with the previous tracks. However, the quality remains near perfect in every aspect from the vocals to the guitar to the drums and bass. This song is still a great addition despite feeling like a piece from a different album.

The Phantoms are the type of band the rock scene needs. They are quick and fun. When you don’t want to have to think too much and just have some fun, this band is exactly what you need. With top notch production quality and some damn catchy lyrics, Take the World, Vol. 1 has something for almost everyone. There is plenty for fans of classic rock, with some modern influences and electronic work thrown in to keep things interesting. This band will do great things and I expect to hear and see a lot more of them.

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