Jilted Hoodz Transmits a Rogue Transmission

Jilted Hoodz, an Australian electronic artist, presents her album Rogue Transmission, released early June 2016.

There are definitely very unique aspects to Jilted Hoodz’ music. Based on what she presents in Rogue Transmission, we hear a wide variety of elements including classical, drum & bass, dubstep, and breakbeat, all mixed down under the Jilted Hoodz sound.

“Moonlight,” sets the atmosphere for the album. The song features a soothing yet eerie piano piece accompanied by a pounding drum pattern. The sound puts the listener through dark galactic space travel to the moon. “Law of Abstraction” has a lot of abstract parts to it with subtle samples, tricky drum patterns, moving pianos, rumbling basslines, and twisting synths all working together to produce a gripping song for a wild listen-through. “Rogue Transmission” digs deeper with a darker and more melancholic sound. “Beneath the Veil” slows things down with creepy and mysterious samples and sounds. “Creep into the Ether” takes the similar approach of a slow and strange sounding vibe but with a meaner touch. “Art of War” goes hand in hand with what the song produces, featuring machinery-like synths, fearful riffs and chords, and air-raid siren samples that make the song an overall signal for the listener that an incoming attack and death is upon them. Finally, “The Pattern” is originally by Bitkit and remixed by Jilted Hoodz, which features her own musical flair to Bitkit’s track.

Overall, Jilted Hoodz’ brand of electronic music is definitely worth checking out on her album Rogue Transmission. The sound appeals to a wide variety of listeners and can engage them in an emotional journey through space, even though the album lacks quite a bit in excitement and explosiveness.

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