Alexandra Amor and Her Mesmerizing, Soulful Voice

Soul pop singer Alexandra Amor, born in St. Petersburg, Florida, swapped the golf clubs with microphones to pursue a music career.

Her earliest material includes the single, “Radio,” released in 2011 under the label Rich Music LTD. It’s a generic dance pop song with a monotonic melody and an attempt to make a catchy chorus with a repetitive “I’m ringing like a song on the ra-ra-ra-radio” line. As a post-breakup song, catchy Top 40 pop music is used as a metaphor that is compared with Alexandra always being a lingering thought in the ex-boyfriend’s mind.

The accompanying music video starts off with Alexandra yelling at and kicking out his scum ex-boyfriend. As we watch on we see the same asshole noticing some hot women exiting a jeep, with Alexandra among the group. The asshole ex-boyfriend places his finger on his current girlfriend’s lips and follows the group inside a house, where we find out there’s a house party going on and Alexandra is singing “Radio.” She goes from the pool to the yacht with all her friends, and the boyfriend is drawn so much to Alexandra that he follows her to the yacht. Another man on the yacht denies him entry and pushes the asshole off his kayak, and is ultimately left sleeping with the fishes. Good.

Although the song is a post-breakup song, the music video pretty much portrays the American dream with Alexandra showing that, “Hell yeah, I made it!” The video is dominated by sunlight and takes place at a beach house somewhere in the west coast with young, energetic women surrounded by muscular hunks to their left and hunks to their right.

With “Radio,” she toured around the country performing it in front of many music fans.

After the fire for “Radio” died down, Alexandra Amor decided to go independent and work with composers and producers such as Micah Powell, The Stereotypes, and Red Cup Nation. This new direction resulted in songs such as “Rearview,” “Coming Home ‘Allie’,” “Never Apologize,” “Quicksand,” and “Not Easy To Love.” And let me tell you, these songs really bring out the best in her. Instrumentally, the setup is minimalistic and varies between guitars, a drum kit, and a piano or keyboard. Through these setups, they simply put Alexandra’s voice in the spotlight, as it should. It’s pop with more soul elements and draws comparisons with other great singers such as Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse.

If you heard “Radio” and then listened to any of these songs afterward, you would probably never guess it was still Alexandra Amor. It’s such a shame that “Radio” never brought out this side of her, but music fans should feel fortunate to have the opportunity to hear it now. The maturity in her music since she has started producing without a label is astonishing.

Her latest single is “Mama,” which was released in mid-May of 2016. I feel that this is probably the best song she has sung so far, with “Not Easy To Love” not too far behind. In this song, just as the title suggests, she sings about her regrets of not following her mother’s advice. Instrumentally, the sound is mean, the beat is heavy, and the chord progression is smooth. This song also showcases her voice, and all the power and emotion in it, very well. This was the first song I’ve heard from her (since it’s at the top of her SoundCloud profile as I write this write-up) and it’s left a very good impression on me.

Whatever road Alexandra Amor is riding along on, she is on the right one. Looking ahead, new and current fans should get excited with what she has released up to this point and any future releases. Certainly, her future is bright. Go ahead and put those shades on. (Except if you’re a Leafs fan, because you should already have them on!)

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