Tony Starxx, Electronic Music Maestro

Tony Starxx is a producer from Atlanta. He has no one set genre, although he incorporates electronic music into many of his tracks. The song of his that has received the most buzz is “Love Will Never Do.” It shows that Tony Starxx has not spread himself thin by branching out into various genres. Rather, the track proves that he’s skilled at many.

“Love Will Never Do” features an upbeat and ethereal synth that contrasts well with the banging percussion. The samples of a woman singing are broken down in staccato succession so that they ricochet off one another. Listening to it, your leg starts jerking. Your foot taps. You feel the urge to go dancing. “Finally” is explosive, euphoric. The melodies splash across the track, making the listener feel as if she’s overhearing the emotions of someone romping through a successful life.

In “Doin’ Me,” Tony Starxx transitions into hip-hop. The song is hype, an anthem of defiant swagger to turn up to. Tony Starxx’s rapping, with its confident delivery and knack for wordplay, is better than the bars from lots of guys who focus solely on rapping. He’s at his best as a producer, however. “Pretty Coool,” with triangles, a synth-organ melody, and reverberating bass is chill, but it’s not nearly as smooth as “Gotta Take,” which sounds like a cloud of hash smoke translated into a hip-hop beat. It reminds me of hot-boxing sessions, but “Crucial” is the track that channels a psychotropic strangeness. One of Starxx’s best beats, it mixes distortion—in the form of a piano melody drooping down a few octaves, as if it were a vinyl record that was just slowed down—with beat-boxing and flickering hi-hats. Another piano emerges, loudens, then fades out of the beat. Not only is this beat head-bobbingly rhythmic, but its pulse is as cerebral and trippy as it is emotional. It’s sharing some sort of message with us, and like most good art, it’s doing so through the language of stylized abstraction. The way we might only glean the meaning of a poem, but would still appreciate nuances and undertones that we can’t fully articulate, so too do we listen to “Gotta Take.”

Tony Starxx is one of those gems that you stumble upon while picking through the gravel of online musicians. Whether you want to spit freestyles, party, or just need to get pumped up for the gym, this electronic music chameleon has got you covered.



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