Blind Revision Gears Up for the Fight or Flight Response

Five-piece rock band Blind Revision presents their four-track EP Fight or Flight, released in August of 2015.

The album starts off with a seven-and-a-half minute track, “Fight or Flight.” Featuring different changes in pace, lyrics that are emotional and relatable, drum fills and rhythms that are crisp, and epic guitar solos, the song immediately draws the listeners in and puts them on board for a wild ride, and a great first impression. The momentum carries over into the second track, “If The Earth Could Stand Still,” with a cinematic chorus. “Colors” picks it up with a pacey and aggressive sound and lyrics that create vivid images. Fight or Flight closes out with “Tough Love,” that varies in pace like the first track and has a catchy chorus, making it easy for fans to sing along with and remember. The song closes out with a huge bang of double kicks and a guitar solo.

The songs on Fight or Flight are written generally well and it’s easy to tell where the band wanted to go with them. However, there are areas where mixing and mastering falls a little short. One particular example is the drums, which sounds like it’s synthesized and doesn’t have a “live on-the-stage” presence. Some other parts, such as the screaming vocals, sound out of place as well.

Overall, Fight or Flight is enjoyable. While the album has a style that is very reminiscent to the alternative and punk that I’ve heavily listened to back ten years, Blind Revision should be able to evolve and produce a style going forward that offers something new and impressive to the rock genre. But for now, this is a solid debut album that sets a good first impression for young rock fans.

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