Krewella Fires with Ammunition

EDM sister-duo Krewella returns with their six-track album, Ammunition. This would be their first extended play released since Kris Trindl left the group.

The duo opens up the album with “Beggars” featuring Diskord. The song is a typical club banger with elements of dubstep buildup and drops. The sound, along with the music video which features the sisters and bunch of others partying rough and hard in a tight venue, makes for an explosive introduction for the album Ammunition and Krewella’s return. In this song they give power to the beggars so they can stand up against the world.

The second song, “Broken Record,” is a little slower with more quieter and melodic moments throughout the song, but also still has some drops. “Marching On” sticks to the theme of the song’s title and adds a marching band beat to the drops. “Surrender the Throne” starts with calming acoustic guitars and builds up with orchestral strings, which breaks into a fast drum-and-bass-esque beat which I thought was a cool different touch from the prior songs. “Ammunition” has a moderate hard-driving beat but it’s not as explosive as I expected it to be especially considering it’s also the title of the whole EP. The album closes out with the song, “Can’t Forget You,” which has a pain-relieving vibe to it.

Overall, even though I didn’t feel like the album took Krewella and the EDM genre to a new level, they still did just enough in six tracks to let fans know that they’re still here. Through their EP Ammunition, they will keep the fans singing and dancing along with them.

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