Kay Geni Taking More Steps Forwards

Combining a familiar R&B sound with pop conventions and a soulful demeanour, Kay Geni has a lot she wants to show. Despite not having access to the tightest of production, Kay Geni’s catalogue is already sprawling, showing off her well-varied ear for pop and R&B cuts. “Medication” for example has a steady groove that already hits hard in its more raw and current state, while “Homewrecker” is an emotional track whose lyrics can be endearing to anyone who has experienced the stresses of romantic relationships. Then we have the more acoustic “Cut Me,” a melodic offering that shows off Kay Geni’s vocals smoothly and sweetly. “Victoria Secret” meanwhile is a more sensual offering that is one hell of a bedroom soundtrack with an incredibly catchy chorus.

12473698_984693414911357_6025195951942301655_oWith all the music that is already in front of us, all we can do now is await. Kay Geni seems to be one gigantic release away from really stealing the attention she deserves, and with one fantastically produced EP or mix tape, we really feel like she could turn heads. The talent, the ambition to reach so many different sounds, and the great ear for smooth and catchy melodies is already working in her favour, we just need someone to help her mould it.

There’s not an awful lot of straight-up female R&B anymore, perhaps due to how dominant the likes of superpowers Beyonce have been, and the supposed Mariah Carey incarnate Ariana Grande has branched out to poppy and hard-hitting hip hop. This variety isn’t a bad thing, of course, but it sure would be nice to enjoy 90’s-style R&B in its purest, most emotional and raw form again. Perhaps Kay Geni could help us out there.



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