Colorblue Breaks Slumber with While We’re Awake

Finnish band Colorblue is stylish and fun, which they demonstrate aptly in their poppy and funky single “While We’re Awake.” Blending together crisp guitars with head-bobbing bass and steady drum sequences, “While We’re Awake” is refreshing and exciting, topped by a fantastic vocal performance.

The band doesn’t pull any weird strings in this one, instead focusing on churning a straight up melodic crowdpleaser. It’s not too safe, as its a well-nuanced track brimming with rock, pop, and psychedelic elements reminiscent of Tame Impala, Magic City Hippies, and Coldplay to name a few. The vocals of course sound tight here, keeping up with the crisp production and the well-crafted lyricism as the song bounces steadily along. Once the chorus hits, the song shifts into a very sugary dream, channeling enough pomp and energy to have you either dancing along or just mildly grooving to the beat.

There isn’t really a moment where the song really ‘pops,’ with the closest being the short instrumental interlude that would certainly make for a big stage moment during a concert or a festival, but that doesn’t take away just how poised the band sounds on this track. Again, that does not make this song safe, as the track is far from anything lukewarm. It’s a sunny and exciting track, but it certainly does feel like it falls just a hair short of being something truly remarkable. And yet, it feels as if calling this song just a mere ‘passable’ would not be enough to explain just how sweet and exciting this single is. Clearly, “While We’re Awake” is the makings of a band that is on to something, and while we’re hard pressed to pin this as a song that will truly captivate audiences, its got enough magic to turn a fair number of heads.



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