Justin DiFebbo Bares Soul in Skin And Bones

Skin And Bones by Philadelphia’s Justin DiFebbo is a dreamy mashup of indie rock, psychedelic, and acoustic sounds all melded into one summery record that is sweet and soulful. In just ten tracks, DiFebbo takes us on a spacey journey that feels one part conventional pop album, one part movie soundtrack. Blending together widely nuanced instrumentals with airy vocals, Skin And Bones is a musical journey that makes the young artist seem years ahead of his craft.

skin-and-bones_cover-1The album wastes no time in establishing itself with “Adrift,” a breathy intro that sets the mood and the pace of the record quite nicely. It’s a great lead into the Beatlesesque “Air You Breathe,” a twinkling acoustic track that is carried by DiFebbo’s feathery vocal work. We see this again later in “Do What You Like” that has a more folksy vibe and then in “Too Much” on track nine, which gives off more of a country air. Even the titular track “Skin And Bones” has a very earthy feel to it that fits in just right with the entire feel of the record. Justin DiFebbo shows off just how in control of his craft he is, as he not only keeps the mood consistent all throughout his record, he does so with varied styles and genres.

For listeners who don’t really desire being in too much of a lull throughout the record, DiFebbo has thankfully put in some cuts that are a lot more upbeat. “Back And Forth” has a slightly edgier, rocky vibe that kicks in early on at the third track, a very good break in pace before slipping back into the dreamworld of the record. “To My Love” meanwhile has a more country rock flair to it that gives the record just a little more swagger than you might have anticipated.

1510432_853064311374956_4341813607770702244_n“Good Intent” is an ephemeral and mellow surprise, a purely instrumental track that clocks in at just over three minutes. It’s a different sort of break in the album that stands out amongst the other tracks, making for an unexpected change of pace that makes the album just that much more dynamic.

The record ends with “Be My Star,” a grounded ballad with a warm and light feel that perfectly caps off the album. The raw, live feel to it brings the spacey album back down to earth, the perfect closing to what is otherwise a pleasantly surprising indie record.

With a cohesive track listing that paces just nicely, supplemented by some great production and fantastic performances and vocals, Justin DiFebbo leaves little to complain about. It’s a record that has a very old school vibe without coming off as too pretentious or out of touch with today’s modern music, reclaiming rather than rehashing sounds of the past and swirling it all together in DiFebbo’s own brand. Skin And Bones is a genuine record that is complete as it is raw, one that should definitely put the Pennsylvania singer on your radar.



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