Cobi Marsh’s Legit: Side A is So Good We’re Already Craving Side B

Melbourne hip hop artist Cobi Marsh released her mixtape, Call Me Claudette, back in 2012. Fusing elements of old school hip hop, reggae, and soul, the tape featured tracks co-written with Kavyen Temperley of Eskimo Joe, Jade MacRae, Phrase, and Cameron McGlinchey and beats from De La Soul, 9th Wonder, Hocus Pocus, and Jase Catherine of Obese Records.

avatars-000202186620-8ihc41-t500x500After spending time since then flying back and forth between Melbourne and New York, Marsh released her first EP earlier this month, the A side of Legit, with B side set to come later this year. Fully produced by Ryan Ritchie and co-written with Ritchie, Marsh, and Temperley, the new EP takes a more of a pop/trap direction than her previous mixtape, but retains some of the soul/reggae elements and of course keeps Marsh’s distinctive vocals front and center.

The title track of the three track EP, “Legit”, has the most notable reggae elements, especially present in Marsh’s vocals. The piano intro sets up the song as something more akin to a pop ballad, but the introduction of trap beats prevent it from becoming anything close to bubblegum pop. Instead it’s beautifully produced gritty pop track.

>The second track, “For Your Love”, is definitely more R&B than “Legit”. It’s slower, more sensual, and Marsh’s syrupy vocals are a little bit reminiscent of SZA but with more upbeat electronic instrumentals pushing to the forefront intermittently.

“What’s Up”, the final track on the EP, is arguably the most radio friendly as a standalone single. The pop influences are more front and center, much like “Legit”, but Marsh shows off a larger vocal range in this track. The longest track of the three, “What’s Up” has a bit of everything, but retains the polished sounding production evident throughout the EP, thanks to Ritchie.

In terms of a first EP, Legit Side A has set the bar fairly high, and if the production and quality of content stay at the same level for Side B, Marsh could very well prove to be a force to be reckoned with in the pop world this year.


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