3logit Introduces Themselves in Exclusive Interview

3logit is one of the most exciting acts to sprout on the EDM scene, and 24Our Music was lucky enough to snag an interview with the four-piece band.

Hailing from the relatively unknown Czech Republic, 3logit is enthusiastic despite knowing they are the underdogs when it comes to EDM music. Hailing from a country that the band cites as being behind America and the United Kingdom in terms of big EDM acts, 3logit works hard in the face of adversity. Their music is a raucous blend of electronic music with rock sounds, and their live performances are spectacular in their visuals. Passion is the driving force of this underrated indie-EDM act.

In our exclusive interview with 3logit, we talk about this, the band’s rise to music, and more.

24- Hey 3logit, in 140 characters or less, tell our readers who you are and what you do.

Hey, Brandon, thanks for picking us up for a short interview!

3logit is a four-piece live EDM band. We blend melodic drum and bass and dubstep with guitar riffs and top it all with live vocals. You can call it rockstep, metaltrap or even rock n’ bass, we do not mind.

24- How did 3logit come about, and what would you say are your biggest goals?

More than four years ago our guitarist EDMOQ started to experiment with mixing original dance music with hard-and-heavy elements. The original idea was to play the standard musical instruments over a dedicated computer server which would assign the sounds typical to EDM to the electromagnetic signals coming from the instruments (and microphone), process all the mixing and mastering in real time and then send the resulting sound to the amplifier. It took more than two years to set this up. This was probably the biggest goal to score. But we’ve come over it and what we are proud enough now is that we’ve been picked out of more than 4000 artists from all around the globe to participate in the very first eBook with implemented music named H8 Society called How an Atomic Fart Saved the World. This novel is illustrated by an award-winning American graphic artist, Mr. Bill Sienkiewicz.

Another big success story was signing an agreement for music synchronization with a US-based highly respectful label North Star Media.

24- Our writer loved your EP, giving it a score of 9 in his review. What were some of the challenges and things that you learned when it came to recording it?

There is always a lot of ideas and brainwave strokes when it comes to composing a brand new track. The challenge is to select the most powerful ones and let the rest float away (or maybe for some future composition). And then, when it comes to recording, it’s always challenging to process the right state-of-the-art sound. So, the final mastering, especially the voice part, always [is like] a battlefield.

24- Any particular tracks or moments from the EP that are noteworthy or a favourite?

Well, it’s always a kind of adventure to compose a new track. We are speaking about the song “Limits,” as the rest [of the] three tracks of this EP had been released earlier already. However, composing “Limits” was not much [of a] headache, it seemed like the lead melody and the rhythmic drop inside the composition came up somehow naturally by themselves. Nevertheless, our exclusive composer, EDMOQ, would surely mention the interesting screeching sound of the synth which you can hear dominantly in the drop. It took him almost two days to tune this up to meet his in-head idea.

24- Fans and listeners have been quick to point out how ambitious 3logit is with their music. How would you describe your live performance?

We do not underestimate the [artistry of] the band’s on-stage appearance. From the very first gig we perform our shows dressed in UV-active apparel with LED accessories like visors and bracelets and we have some feed-back from the auditory that the fans enjoy the visual part of our performance very much.

24- Are there any artists, past or present, that you would like to collaborate with?

Though all of us were influenced by some artists from the past during the period of development, there are mostly contemporary musicians we would really like to work with as we speak about the present-day, cutting-edge technologies we use in our concept of music. They would be Skrillex, Zomboy, Celdweller or The Prodigy [in terms of EDM] and Slipknot or System of a Down [in terms of rock].

24- Tell me a little bit about the Czech EDM scene. What is it about, and how does 3logit fit in?

The Czech Republic is a small country situated a bit far away from the biggest EDM scenes like US and even UK. And, believe it or not, even in the Internet era the people here are mostly conservative, preferring to listen to the time-proven hits which from our point of view are already oldies. Therefore it’s not easy to present the utmost up-to-date music here. This was why we have been focusing on the foreign auditorium mostly trying to address not only the potential fans, but also the labels there.

24- Do you think culture, whether it’s on a community level or a national level, is important when it comes to an artist finding their sound?

Well, definitely everyone is formed by the influences from his childhood and these are mostly of national level or even come out from the specific community. But nowadays, at the age of electronic media and social networks, everyone is confronted with a vast possibilities to listen to the best of the best of the entire world, irrespective of the genre. So you can compare the sound you produce with the sound of your idols and if you are tenacious enough, with the hi-tech means in place, you can come to meet limits of your dreams.

24- Are there any specific names and artists you would say lends themselves to 3logit’s sound?

Not exactly, but we can say, there is an inspiration – in particular sounds, styles or trends. But we never use a particular sound of someone else.

24- What does 3logit have next in store for listeners in the near future?

We are in the middle of recording two new singles. We are supposed to release them separately, but closely to each other  under a NYC-based label Teknofonic Recordings in maximum 2 months. Let´s hope the songs will get at least the same positive review in 24OurMusic Magazine, again.

24- Last question. Super serious. If every member of 3logit was a dessert, what would they be?

SYNTH4X (the drummer): would like to be “stargazy pie” (google it). It looks so disgusting, there would be high chance nobody is going to eat me.

ZLORD (the singer): A harlequin. It´s soft, sweet and tastes excellently. Just like me!

EDMOQ (the guitarist): Crème brûlée – crusty top with smooth base. Just like 3logit! J

P3T1A (the sub-bassist): a Mexican candy – hot, acid and sweet in one.

24- Thanks 3logit for the talk, we hope to get to talk to you all again real soon!


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