The Posterz and 24Our Music Unite in Exclusive Interview

Despite the soaring growth of the charismatic hip-hop group The Posterz from Montreal, there’s “no pressure.”

That’s what performer and producer Joey Sherrett told us in an exclusive interview with 24Our Music, an answer that is telling of just how relaxed and focused the trio is despite their ever-rising path to success. Whereas one would think that any young artist seeing international stages would somehow buckle under the weight of the global eye, The Posterz remain methodic and hungry in their campaign.

P2In many ways, it was almost guaranteed the group would be heading to where they are now given just how well organized and skilled they are. It’s almost impossible not to spot stickers donning The Posterz on stop signs around Montreal, their live shows are so fiery that it has even gotten them black listed at a major music festival, and their growth as musicians between their two EP’s is genuine and honest, where Joey states their music turned towards more “organic” sounds. Did we also mention they’ve gotten international acclaim?

And really, what’s not to be excited about? This is an enigmatic group of musicians who dropped one of the slickest indie tracks of the year in “Bulalay” that was apparently performed through a ‘DIY portable mic,’ which you probably wouldn’t have guessed considering how tight and fiery the production is. Clearly, there’s an undeniably raw and garagey feel to this group, and yet their skill and swagger suggests they’ve been doing this for a long time. It’s the perfect appearance of old yet not old that makes you realize that there’s something special and real about this band.

You’re missing out on a lot if you haven’t yet experienced what The Posterz and each of their individual talents have to offer, although maybe it’s not totally your fault. They are, after all, ‘something unexpected from a city you never expected.’

24 – Hey Posterz, let us know real quick who you all are and what you do.

P – We’ve got Nate – Vocalist, rapper. Chris the $pirit who is vocalist and rapper, and Joey Sherrett, vocalist, rapper, singer, producer. That’s what’s up.

24 – It seems like yesterday 24Our Music first did a review on you, which I believe was back in 2013 when we looked at Starships and Dark Tints. How has it been since then?

P1P – We’ve worked on a lot of new music, we put out an EP titled Junga, we got a lot more traction, spread the music a lot more, done shows in France, New York, done a little bit of traveling, and now we’re working on new music. Many projects to come.

24 – For fans that maybe, for some reason, still haven’t had a chance to pick your music up, how might you describe it?

P – Our music is, it speaks for itself. It’s like alternative hip-hop, dope, just, y’know, one-of-one hip-hop stuff, y’know what I mean? It’s not categorizable really, it’s just alternative hip-hop

24 – “Something unexpected from a city you never expected.” is a pretty cool description for your group. Could you elaborate on this, maybe tell us about what is “expected” and why Montreal might be part of this equation?

Basically it means you never expected dope alternative hip hop that’s worthy of international acclaim coming from a place called Montreal, you know what I mean? Montreal is known more for it’s indie rock like Arcade Fire, all these things. You wouldn’t expect this dope-ass alternative hip-hop group to come out of here.

24 – You can definitely tell that the current state of The Posterz is that they’re rising to new heights, but that must mean some new pressures. How do you handle these pressures as a group?

P – Honestly, there are no pressures, man. It’s all fun. We just create. We create what we want to create. At the current time there’s no stock holders, it’s not like a crazy business operation right now, we’re still kinda growing this thing. Right now it’s about the music and the art, so right now there aren’t really any pressures. The only pressure is the one we put upon ourselves to be the best we can be.

P424 – When might it — if ever — have begun to sink in that The Posterz was beginning to gain traction with music fans?

P – As soon as you see a couple thousand fans watching a video, comment, all these things; when you’re booked for shows, when there’s articles being done and you get interviews that you start to notice that, “okay, my music is actually getting me somewhere, and you know, it’s starting to gain a bit of traction.”

24 – Let’s talk a little about Junga. How did the writing and recording process for this differ from Starships, if at all?

P – We were aiming to do more organic production in these sounds, so we recorded a lot more live instruments. Bass, live drums, live guitars, you know, there’s just more musicianship involved, so there’s that. We recorded all the vocals in a basement studio with a portable mic booth-thing, so it was kinda DIY but it ended up sounding good.

24 – “Bulalay” is undoubtedly a massive track, and it’s fantastic to see how much it has blown up. What went into it, lyrically and technically? The production quality on it is tight.

P – Well if you listen to it you can kinda see, it’s just minimal production, minimal tribal hinted production, there’s a hint of rock shit in there too because there’s like bass and guitar melodies, kinda like a bit of, what I like to call “Dr. Dre meets MGMT” kinda thing.

Nate’s telling a day in his life, that’s Nate on the first verse. Second verse is Chris who is kinda more with metaphorical bars but still relating to his every day if you listen closely and that’s what it is, just a day in the life of the Junga, the concrete jungle.

24 – What can we expect next? Your EP just dropped, but might we be seeing even more music on the way soon?

P – Right now we’re all working on solo endeavours because we’re all individual artists that come together for Posterz.

As for the next Posterz release, it’s probably going to be a full-length album.

P1324 – It’s pretty cool seeing that, now two EP’s in, you all have already traveled quite a ways to play music. Whether in Europe or back here in North America, what are some interesting venues or shows that you can tell us about?

P – Interesting venues? Aw…fuck. Can I skip this question? My memory’s really bad…

No, okay, so, in France, there was this really cool venue in Leon, I think it’s the same town that Gesaffelstein the French producer is from, we performed at a wicked ass show there. We had maybe like, 600 or 500 French people all going nuts. It felt like some bad-ass rockstar shit. That was really cool.

We’ve done Jazzfest. Jazzfest was fun because, it was ‘The Jazzfest’ and we were doing like hardcore hip-hop stuff, well, more hardcore than anything that was being played there at the time. We kinda got blacklisted because we were blasting water bottles around and we hit some equipment, and we were just getting everyone to turn up at the Jazzfest which is fun. So yeah, we’ve had a few cool shows.

24 – Could we possibly be seeing The Posterz play maybe at a major music festival any time soon? I was at Governor’s Ball last summer and I could imagine you all playing music at a place like that.

P – We have played, like I just said, Jazzfest. We’ve played Hillside. We’ve played North By Northeast. We’re headed to South By Southwest this year. We’ll definitely be playing many festivals to come.

24 – Thank you all for your time, we hope we get to speak more with you guys some time again soon!

P – Yeah man, yeah! Til next time, homie.

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