Sam Louis’s “Crave You” Makes You Crave His Upcoming Album

What’s perhaps most impressive about Sam Louis’s music is its incredible versatility; from one song to the next he switches genres so completely you might be hard pressed to believe they’re by the same artist. The Thunder Bay native has an extensive musical background, having been associated with bands and production companies spanning the full spectrum of musical styles throughout his life. A vocal graduate of the Humber College Contemporary Music degree program he also has 8 years of musical training in jazz, classical, and contemporary. And this incredible foundation is evident through the vastly different sounds he has experimented with in the tracks he has released in the past few years.

1044080_1749114021984248_2565058938204769137_nHis first EP, The Gemini Series, released in April 2014, contains 3 original pop/rock songs that fall more on the musical theatre side of the spectrum than the EDM tracks he’s been releasing more recently. And while his earlier songs are undoubtedly good and leave no doubts as to his technical skill, his experiments in electronic music feel fresher, more original, and put his classically trained voice to use within a more mainstream friendly format. His track “Crave You”, released at the end of last year, is a stark departure from “Sacrifice”, the first track off his earlier EP. It features bouncy, optimistic beats and airy sun-soaked instrumentals as the backdrop to Louis’s clear vocals. It’s reminiscent of a bright summer day but would be equally at home within the clubs of Toronto, Louis’s current home while he pursues his solo career.

His first full length album, Daydream, is set to be released in April 2016, and if it’s anything like “Crave You”, or his equally danceable track “Sunset Love”, you can expect a sound that’s a vast departure from his earlier work while still managing to prove his musical chops.

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