Red Black Red – Bloody Wing, an industrial gem debut album

New Jersey is never short of new and interesting music, and Red Black Red are no exception to the rule. An alternative rock group with a wide spread of influences, the debut album Bloody Wing is a strange and wonderful journey.

a0891492934_10The opening track, The Middle, is a vaguely Tom Waits sounding cacaphony of sound. With intense electronic noise, a pounding back beat this song opens the album with bizarre and energetic flare. Bouncing back and forth from industrial noise to soothing piano work, Red Black Red show off their some of their many influences (including NIN and Depeche Mode) with bravado.

Gasoline has a lot going for it, with great use of contrast between some classic guitar elements and industrial noise in the background this track is one of my favourites on Darkside. The vocals are particularly strong here, with great lyrics that will captivate and soothe you while the instruments carry it all along like a cresting wave. The energy builds until it all crashes down, before starting the wave over again to keep us coming back for more.

Eve in the kills stands out as my personal favourite piece on the album, with a great showing of vocals and some excellent noise going on overtop of the steady guitars and beat. This song is emotional and passionate, making sure to show off everything that Red Black Red have to give as they put it all on the table here.

Loose Child opens with a classic piano piece that stands in stark contrast to everything established previously on Darkside and you will love it. Red Black Red continue to bring new styles out for the debut album, refusing to be pidgeon holed into one genre or set of skills. The lyrics (not surprisingly) are some of the best on the album. With subtle use of the industrial effects they will one day be known for, Loose Child is a modern day experimental ballad that could be a stand alone classic.

Bloody Wing, the title track brings us back into the chaos and noise of the industrial sound waves Red Black Red make such excellent use of. With elements of electronica mixed in with the heavy noise of the background Bloody Wing is Red Black Red at their best. For fans of noise, and anything industrial this will likely be the highlight of the album for you.

Waves Of Gold is the cap on this chaotic set of music, with a shift in vocal style this track sounds like a classic raw ballad that can and should stand alongside the best of them. Showing off some excellent lyrics, and a deft hand on the production side this song is the best (and fitting) way to end the album. Combining a little bit of everything we’ve heard previously, Waves Of Gold shows off everything Red Black Red will one day be known for, primarily taking risks and having them pay off.

Red Black Red have created something unique here, Darkside is not any one single genre or style. They have taken a lot from their influences and mashed them together into something that will stick with your for days after hearing it. This is the sort of album that needs to be enjoyed in with large headphones on while you lay on the floor of your room, fully surrounded by the music and able to be carried away into this artistic and thoughtful debut album.

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