The Hoy Polloy – Ferret Winter

Miami based indie rockers The Hoy Polloy bring us the follow up EP to their debut (Dancing With The Panther) titled Ferret Winter, an eight track EP mixing indie rock with hip hop this funky group are sure to please just as much as they confuse you.

The Hoy PolloyThis six song offering from The Hoy Polloy takes some risks in trying to give us a large variety of genres, some fall flat (Centerfold) but others shine and show off the talent and energy that they are capable of. With great production and solid beats, everyone is sure to find something to enjoy here.

Centerfold, the opening track has some catchy riffs but the lyrics fall  flat with lines like”Why can’t we all get a centerfold”. This is the sort of generic song that you’d hear on an alternative rock station. Which is misleading because the following tracks are much stronger overall, and The Hoy Polloy should not be underestimated.

Up next is Some Time, a hip hop driven track that will remind you of the early 2000s era of rap rock that briefly dominated the air waves. Mixed in with the hip hop verses is a melodic chorus that gives some decent contrast to the rest of the song. For fans of the Sublime style of relaxed hip hop-rock this song will stand out as the strongest on the album for sure! Following up after is Houdini, which despite the questionable use of vocal effects, this is one of the strongest tracks on the album. Light hearted, pop riff driven and builds the kind of atmosphere that you might expect from The Flaming Lips. Another track following this sort of experimental soundscape is Hoffman, which features a little more dramatic instrumentation and show that they can write some more interesting lyrics than show in the lackluster Centerfold.

The Hoy PolloyRight near the middle of the album is La Mano Contra LaPlancha, with more electronic elements, this song has a solid beat (and some wicked guitar solos) to keep your feet tapping and head bobbing along. Even for those of us that do not speak the language, the intensity and emotion are so vivid throughout the song making it the clear shining point on Ferret Winter.

Closing us off is Full circle, a solid standard rock piece. An excellent finisher that does not pretend to be anything other than what it is. A really good rock song, with great rhythm and catchy lyrics that drive the point home “The best revenge is living well”, I think it’s safe to say that The Hoy Polloy are definitely living well.

One of the only real weak points on Ferret Winter is the track length, with multiple songs over four minutes (and one over eight) long song tracks do get a little repetitive. The Hoy Polloy make up for this in pure energy however, they album may not be perfect but they have clearly put themselves into it and it shows. With a wide focus of styles of music presented, and the willingness to experiment with things that other bands shy away from they have proven that they have the guts to put out an album that everyone should check out. It may not be perfect but it is certainly more interesting than the average songs on the radio, and for that The Hoy Polloy deserve a pat on the back.

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