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Chawa is a hard hitting three piece out of Mexico City that have created something new that is hard to define, and that serves them well because they do not fit into any one category easily.

12032194_1933820900175914_1926142992639112420_nChawa do not waste anytime in showing us what they have to offer, Prelude (Mr. One Two) is a perfect opening track to this six song EP. With a simple and steady back beat the guitar riffs are carried forward and never let up in giving us something interesting to listen to. Mixing elements of rock, punk, shoegaze and variety of others into one short opening track is a feat that must be acknowledged. Do not get settled in too much yet however, because this leads us into Mad Cats which can only be described as other worldly. Halfway into the song you will also be hit with some of the strangest lyrics such as “Mad cats, furniture cats, underwear cats” chanted over top of excellent rhythm guitar that is both frantic and filled with melancholy.

Not wanting to let us down, Chawa once again change up the pace with C.H.A.W.A. a laid back shoegaze style tune. This piece of the EP shows off how much emotion Chawa are willing to put into each and every song. With another strange set of lyrics that seem to fit perfectly over top of the borderline electronic background of sound. Clocking in at nearly seven and a half minutes, this is the longest song on the EP and definitely one of the most interesting. The further you get into the song the more it changes, and it only gets better!


Photo by David Barajas

Following up with Interlude, which is exactly what it sounds like. A short and very mellow sounding interlude track, still mixing in the odd sounds and noises to contrast the mellow vibe and never quite let you relax. Interlude leads perfectly into the second to last song of the run, Lagom. This song probably has the most going on lyrically, with the longest use of actual vocals. Unfortunately that might be the biggest weak point of the EP overall, the vocals are a bit boring. However that is hardly the focus of what you’re hearing, so it’s a forgivable low point on an otherwise intriguing EP. Putting an end cap on this audio adventure is 36, the second track that nearly hits seven minutes. A great surprise here is that the vocals are a little more consistent and interesting to listen to, still not perfect but definitely a better showing for the vocalist than Lagom is.

A perfect example of what Chawa are doing is at the end of the album, the last thirty seconds or so is nothing more than forest animal noises. We hear frogs, crickets and owls calling out into the night as the EP fades to a close. If you are looking for a standard rock band, this is not for you. However if you are looking to hear something experimental that will take a few listens to grab you, Chawa are an excellent option. These three people are willing to try new things, and use lyrics that do not seem to make sense to the listener but that is exactly what makes the music so interesting. The vocals may fall a bit flat but the power of each and every guitar riff more than makes up for it, Chawa are a band to watch out for in the future.

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