Matt Hewitt Upbeat and Cool in Criminal

Despite its title, there’s nothing criminal about Matt Hewitt’s single “Criminal,” a three-and-a-half minute track that is strong, upbeat, and leaves us in anticipation for what is to come.

12491919_506460842869807_1163502808061800611_oLyrically, it’s simplistic in its themes, but lyrics are not what you should be looking for when this track is safely nestled into its niche of an upbeat poppy club banger. It goes hand in hand with Hewitt’s vocal performance, harmoniously moving from verse to chorus as the catchy beat roars out beneath his seductive crooning. The chorus is the obvious highlight of the track, one of the more contagious hooks we’ve heard in awhile, stylishly borrowing a famous one while throwing his own spin into the famous words of “smooth criminal.”

Indeed, where the song lacks, it makes up for in its irresistible energy. No, this is not necessarily a song you could use to lovingly propose (theoretically you could), nor does it hold a production quality alike to your Zedds and Disclosures. But again, that’s not what you’re here for. When you pick up “Criminal,” you’re shunting yourself into the mischievous yet flirtatious world of Matt Hewitt. The synths are not the crispest, but they establish the 80’s club techno aesthetic so adequately that you might find yourself losing yourself into the song’s coy and
captivating atmosphere.

Indeed, this is a great musical marker for Matt Hewitt, a catchy track that rings the essence of Usher’s recent electropop cuts. It’s somewhat minimalist yet ambitious in what Hewitt wants to do, and if the energy here is any indication of what’s next, we’d gladly dance along.

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