Exclusive Interview with Drummer Andrew Jones from Hy Brasil

On a list of underrated acts that 24Our Music has covered in the last year, Hy Brasil is most definitely close to the top. Sporting one of most memorable rock sounds to ever emerge from the ether, it’s hard to believe that a band of this nature is still in the stages of finding themselves.

Hy Brasil isn’t just your run-of-the-mill alternative rock band. This group of musicians is a shocking conglomeration of soft rock radio sensibilities with some electronic elements, laced with the golden sounds of a harp. It’s not something that sounds too out of the ordinary, and yet it’s refreshing. It’s why we at 24Our Music raved about them so much in our latest review of their EP, and why they certainly deserve much more attention.

In our exclusive interview with drummer Andrew Jones, we talk about how the exciting young California band is still evolving, despite having what seems to be a mature and established sound.

24- Hey Andrew, in 140 characters or less, tell us who you are and what you do.

12112245_1678215185749617_63096503241471731_nAJ- Hello, I am Andrew Jones and I play drums for Hy Brasil. I also live life to the fullest!
24- Tell us really quickly, how did you all get together?

AJ- We all live in Ventura, and some of us have been in bands together before.

24- I’m actually super stoked to get a chance to talk to you, as I really enjoyed Animal’s Grace. What exactly went into that?

AJ- We tried finding our sound with Animals Grace. Took about a year and a half, but we think we found it!

24- I’ve got to say, you all really sounded well past your age on Animal’s Grace. I don’t know if anyone’s ever said that to you, but you really should know it. What are your band’s influences? 

AJ- Thank you very much, we have definitely not been told that, most people have never heard of us. Our influences range from Reggae to Portishead, Son Jarocho to Zach Hill, also everyday life, and it’s ups and downs.

24- “Misanthropic” definitely sounds like a Hy Brasil song, and yet there’s something about it that sounds distinct from your last EP. What can fans expect from your new record, more of the same or a little different?

AJ- Our sound is evolving , we are still figuring it out. If you like the first album, that is awesome! We will definitely just keep getting better. The new EP is us for sure, but sounds maybe a little more sophisticated, in a good way, with some even catchier guitar riffs.
11013169_1652254458345690_1230278939605809813_n24- I want to know a little bit about the music video for “Misanthropic” too, there’s something about it that’s so intriguing, dark, angsty, and humorous at the same time. How did it come about? 

AJ- Our bass player Shawn literally texted me a video of him dancing in a gorilla suit, I laughed and said let’s do a whole video revolved around that. We shot it in one afternoon, with my iPhone and that was that. We then gave it to our friend Ryan to edit and put his artistic touch on it. He did a great job and now it’s on that thing called YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

24- What are some of the challenges and breakthroughs that went into this new EP?

AJ- No real challenges, it’s honestly very easy for us to come up with and finish songs. There are a lot of ideas always floating around!

24- Let’s talk a little more in general about your sound, because I really love the harp. What was it — if it was an idea, or an inspiration, or an experiment — that made the harp such a signature part of your sound?

11188282_1621897644714705_3361697830008819869_nAJ- I played in another band with our harp player. We had some success, but kind of fell apart as bands tend to do. I always knew that the harp was unique, and that xoco ripped at it. I figured it would be great if we could incorporate it into a rock band. Hy Brasil suits my vision for where I wanted the harp to fit in, musically.

24- Is there an upcoming tour that fans should know about?

AJ- We are just trying to finish the EP at the moment, and get all of the sounds right.

Also keeping an ear out for any good shows for us to play. We are ready for shows, but it’s not always easy to book a good run of them. Ideally we need to tour with U2, or the Cold War Kids. Their fans will love us, we guarantee it!

24- What’s the next step after your upcoming EP?

AJ- Get it out there as best as we possibly can by ourselves. Maybe some management too.

24- One last question. If Hy Brasil was a pizza, what kind of toppings would be on it?  

AJ- Hmm,  [non-conventional] ones.

24- Thanks for your time, Andrew, we can’t wait to hear Hy Brasil’s new EP!

AJ- Thank you!


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