Exclusive Premiere Of Color Palette’s New Single Bullets

Color Palette has allowed us to premiere their new track “Bullets,” and it’s another sugary delight.

Bullets4Following up to “Seventeen,” which we reviewed last July, “Bullets” continues the same energy that proliferated the saccharine single, while maintaining an oddly nostalgic and melancholic edge that is signature to the Washington D.C band. The retro-style synthesizers are crisp and never overly embellished, upping both the poppy and ambient sound of the track. Nemeyer’s haunting and mournful voice is ever present throughout this track, which sounds all the more magnificent singing over the echoey snares, guitars, and keys. The musical interlude is a stylish wall of sound that is like a pleasant waterfall of noise, escalating the electro ambiance of the track all the more higher.

In the review for “Seventeen,” we said that “the chorus seems to drip away softly at every turn,” and while there’s no real strong chorus in “Bullets,” the song’s spacey and wistful nature has us repeating the same sentiments. “Bullets” is another mark of a young band whose maturity is far beyond their years that should shunt them higher on your list of underground American rock bands you need to listen to.

Stay tuned for our review of the single.

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