From Skateboards To Fret Boards – An Exclusive Interview with Prisma Guitars

You ever look at your skateboard and realize that it could be used to write the next “Jesus Of Suburbia”? Well of course you have!

With Prisma Guitars, this is more than possible. Done entirely by the skilled craft of Nick Poufard, Prisma Guitars promises to make something that is truly yours. There’s just something special about a guitar that’s made from old recycled materials that were once used frequently. It’s like the rise of a phoenix from ashes, a reincarnation into a new life, or a chance of redemption. Nothing gets thrown out, and the sentiment is still there. That board you used every day after school with your friends when you were 16 could be used to serenade your future life partner. It’s a fantastic idea, and it really speaks to how we value our luxuries and our music.

Check out the video that shows a first insight into the world of Prisma Guitars, and keep on reading to read our exclusive interview with the founder himself Nick Poufard.

24– First thing is first — I just want to let you know that what you do is really, really cool. What on earth made you decide to look at a skateboard and think “hey, I wanna make this into a guitar”? How did this all lead into a career?

N– I wanted to build a guitar that I couldn’t buy in the store. Something that was sentimental to me. I passed by a stack of old boards that me and my brother had accumulated over the years and I knew that was it. It wasn’t until 3 or four years later that I decided to keep building. Somebody wanted to buy one from me. This was the motivation I needed to keep building guitars. After that, it turned into a business.

24– You talk about doing a ‘different guitar every time.’ What goes into deciding how a guitar looks? Is there a certain personality each time you want to achieve, does it depend on your mood, or is it totally random?

N– It is mostly my mood that decides what a guitar looks like and a lot of randomness with the pattern. When I see the skateboard color pattern emerge, I then decide what style guitar I wish to build or what I want it to sound like.

24- Music and skating, of course, have a long history together. What excites you most about seeing this marriage of two cultures that you’re so well immersed in come together at your own hands?

N- I love the relation of skating and building. There are no rules. I choose what I wish to do and I have my own style with how I make it happen. This is exactly like skating. Everyone has their own style. In both these hobbies there are challenges, but you keep trying and figure it out.

24- Was this an easy trade to pick up, or did it take some time before you got into a real groove?

N- I would say the quality is a little better then it was in the beginning, but I have gotten dramatically better and quicker at understanding the process and getting them out. My first guitar took months, now they take days.

24- What are the day-to-day challenges of maintaining the work you do? Tell me about your favourite design that you’ve done.

N- Just keeping in a good flow is a great challenge. While you work on one thing, you must prep the next thing. This way you are always working. My favorite shape that I make is definitely the Accardo.

24- Are there any noteworthy customers you can tell me about? Perhaps someone famous or maybe an interesting client?

N- I built a guitar for professional skater Justin Figueroa and a bass for bass player of Iron Maiden Steve Harris.

24- Wow, I love how you just casually dropped those names without even showing the slightest bit of emotion. Justin Figueroa and Steve Harris. Tell me more about both, and don’t be afraid to show excitement, unless of course you’re trying to tell me this is a normal thing for you and you’re playing it cool 😉

N- It was definitely a great feeling to build for these two! Justin’s was the first guitar I ever built for somebody else and when I built Steve Harris his bass, I was given much more confidence moving forward with my company.

24- Is there anything you can see yourself expanding to, whether it’s related to music, wood work, or otherwise?

N- I would like to start another company building furniture.

24- Do you mean furniture in general? Or is there a something specific you’d want to get into?

N- I just love building things. I want to build lamps and chairs. Not sure why! I have been in my spare time and I think it would be fun to see if I can design something really special.

24- What are your goals for the next five years?

N- I want to push this business further. Get a real shop outside of my garage and have multiple employees.

24- If you were a skateboard-turned-guitar, what would your design be?

N- I would probably be the Accardo! My favorite shape.

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