BuDz and Kelly Krow Let Us Know What’s Up

24Our Music had a chance to talk with BuDz, the CEO of Montreal’s MakeWay Studios, and emerging, R&B-influenced artist Kelly Krow. BuDz and Kelly told us about the impressive projects they have coming up, including, but certainly not limited to, how MakeWay Studios associates will be opening for rap star Obie Trice at the end of August. The pair also gave us insight into the behind-the-scenes action of one of Montreal’s most up-and-coming studios, showing that BuDz was correct when he said, “The hustle is power.”


Who are you as an artist and what should readers know about you?

BuDz: I’m the CEO of MakeWay Studios. I run recording, mixing, and mastering for everybody. Also, we just moved into a new location where 24OurMusic will have their headquarters. Also we’re going to have T.H.C. Network, a radio station, coming in with us. And we will have two recording studios and a photo studio and a bunch of creative people in our space as well.

Kelly Krow: I’m a recording artist, the newest with MakeWay Studios. Yeah . . . I’m a rock star, man. (laughs)


So how would you describe your sound, and what artists and genres would you say have contributed to it?

B: I listen to a lot of Cap 1, Drake, The Weeknd, and a lot of guys with a nice, newer, relevant sound. My sound is more melodic and I dropped away from the trap since my last tape, Look. The next one is Kool. I kind of flipped up the name and flipped up the concept and it’s vibing now.

K: On my side we’ve got that Andre 3000, new R&B like that Drake, The Weeknd, O.V.O. stuff.


Can you give 24Our Music some insight into your writing process? Do you find yourself writing primarily when inspiration strikes you, or do you hold yourself to a more regular writing schedule?

B: Since I have my own recording studio it’s easier for me to just go in and start working on stuff. So rather than sitting at home and writing, I actually go into the studio and freestyle all of my melodies and stuff like that, and then I write based off of what came out. I record my music right after.

K: Same thing as BuDz.


Hip-hop often has as a recurring theme representing one’s city. In what way has Montreal shaped you as an artist and is there anything about it that you’d like to see changed?

B: I think that, seeing so many people record with me, I really get some insight into all these local artists in terms of who’s good, who’s starting out, and who’s trying to make a new sound for themselves. So just seeing the city in that way, it’s inspiring.

K: Being from Montreal, and being worldwide, it’s amazing.


 Speaking of Montreal, could you pinpoint any local artists who’ve helped you along the way? Any shout-outs to give?

B: Yeah, for sure. Shout-out to High Q, shout-out to Orphan, K Banz is doing his thing right now out in L.A. Shout-out to . . . Kelly Krow! Shout-out to Hugo, because he’s the dopest engineer in MakeWay right now. Shout-out to Imaan on Pure Luck, X. You’re going to see them in 24OurMusic as well. Oh man, the whole team. Royal Tease for getting us our merchandise. They’ve really helped develop us and get our image together and when we come out to do shows we have branded hoodies, shirts, hats, everything.

K: Shout-out MakeWay, New Montreal, Official Food Gang . . . yeah, many others.


Mind telling us about any upcoming or ongoing projects?

B: Right now, I’m working on Kool, that album that’s coming out soon. I’m also working on some videos with Etienne De Durocher. Also, the new location is one of the biggest projects that’s going to be coming up right now, and we’re opening for Obie Trice at the end of the month, on the thirtieth, so that’s going to be a real banger.

K: There’s “Bad Guy,” which is in iTunes right now, a new single. And there’s My Lotus Garden, a new album on the way.


Alright, thanks for talking with 24Our Music.

Yeah, thanks.


If you haven’t heard Kelly Krow’s hypnotically smooth and addictive song, “Question,” now is your chance:


Take a moment, light one up, and experience BuDz in his element:



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