Peaches and Nick Zinner’s Bodyline amps up the summer season

As part of Adult Swim Singles 2015, where nineteen singles are released in nineteen weeks for free download over the summer, Toronto-born Merrill Beth Nisker under the stage name Peaches collaborates with Yeah Yeah Yeah guitarist Nick Zinner for the song “Bodyline.”

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This particular track has all the essential ingredients of a pump-up fight-fuelling song. Right off the top the song presents the audience with a gritty, revving guitar riff played by Nick Zinner. Peaches’ vocal performance is all out dynamically driving; her voice and Nick Zinner’s guitar works very well together to fill your eyes with fire, clench your fists, bare your teeth, and ready to show the world with all that you got. The synths, while minimal, does a great job in raising the temperature of the song in crucial moments, keeping the song going without slowing and calming down the fiery atmosphere.

peachesnickbodylinea015One aspect the listener will notice with this track is the basic approach it took; there’s nothing really special with the song layout and composition. While the song doesn’t do much to push expectations past the limit and give the song an amazing, blow-out-of-the-water factor, the song certainly qualifies as a fire igniter. With this particular song, it’s just Peaches’s voice and Nick Zinner’s guitar, beat-pulsing drums, moving basslines, and uplifting synthesizers.

The only problem with the basic approach is that it’s likely not going to satisfy listeners looking for mind-blowing pump-up rock music, and in the end they will be left looking more than what they were hoping for. With a song of this quality, there is definitely more room to make this song even better.

Overall, “Bodyline” is a cool collaboration between Peaches and Nick Zinner. The result of combining Peaches’ powerful vocals and Nick Zinner’s forceful guitar is a fast-paced pump-up rock song. The track took a simple and basic approach, but in the end, it may not fulfill enough expectations for the hungriest listeners looking to blow their speakers through the roof.

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