Fuel the fury with Static Gold’s masterpiece

Funk is a cool music genre. Swing is another cool music genre. Fuse the two together and you get a super-cool genre — Funkadelic Swing — played by Montréal-based six-piece band Static Gold.

With Daniel Pombo on the guitar, Thomas Viardot on bass, Samuel Chaco Kohn on the keys, Beth McKenna on sax, clarinet, and flute, Louis “LoudHands” Souverain on the drums, and Zaynab “Zaya” Solange on the vocals, this very talented group forms Static Gold. In 2014 they released their first eight-track album, Speaking Easy, a play on the word speakeasy, which is a prohibition-era term that describes a place where then-illegal alcoholic beverages were sold. “Fury’s Dance” is Speaking Easy’s third track, and in four minutes there’s certainly a lot that happens.

The track is split into two: The first two and a half minutes Zaya performs the vocals of the song, showing her range and power. The drums also play a role in controlling the pace of the song without changing the tempo itself. A whistle synth is also heard throughout the song to give Fury Dance a cool modern feel to the sound. The second half of the song is purely instrumental, including a saxophone solo, and pretty much the drums, guitars, bass, keyboard, and brass performing a fury of beats, notes, and rhythms to complete the song.

The music video, developed by Legato Productions and released under Static Gold’s YouTube channel, is the band’s first released music video, which appropriately captures what the group really is about. The retro-themed video begins with three traditional dancers performing in front of some of the band members who play the judges. All of a sudden the traditional jazz music stops with the sound of a needle scratch, and Fury’s Dance starts playing. The modern dancers make their way to the stage and begins their own routine. Everyone else, including the bartender played by Thomas, looks unimpressed, even with the judges scoring them as low as a two. Soon enough the traditional dancers join in and the viewer starts to see tradition and modern music and dance fuse together, much to the judges’ and the bartender’s bewilderment. The video concludes with the whole band playing together, along with the traditional and modern dancers breaking out more dance moves.

From their first album to their first music video, all professionally produced and developed by a group of very talented musicians, Montréal’s Static Gold has a very bright future ahead of them. Fury’s Dance, one of the tracks in their debut album Speaking Easy, fully captures the style of the group and what Funkadelic Swing is all about. The music video, which features a fury of musical dance and performance, also accurately portrays Static Gold’s unique and fused flair. Once they brush up on their mixing and mastering, they will be on their way to creating music of solid gold.

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