Color Palette Quietly Charms With Single “Seventeen”

Color Palette’s “Seventeen” is one of the most wonderfully vibrant yet radio-friendly songs we have heard in a long time. There’s a certain summery feel about this track that rings out and soothes the soul; clocking in at just four minutes and thirty seconds, this is a track that neither tickles the body for too long, nor does it tease the listener and leave.

The song writing is phenomenal here, crooned by Jay Nemeyer’s haunting yet sweet voice, backed by an instrumental that is nostalgic yet grounded. The drums never pulse along too quickly or slowly, keeping up gracefully with the mellow and dreamy tone of the song. The guitar work isn’t too flashy, but that’s great for a song of this type, as it melts into the song rather than carries or stand out. There are hints of brit pop oozing at every second of the track, coupled very nicely by an alternative energy that is reminiscent of Coldplay and Blink-182 during their post-punk days. The chorus seems to drip away softly at every turn, a hook that is as catchy as it is enthralling. As a result, you have a band whose maturity seems to transcend even them, and with a song such as “Seventeen” it seems their potential to produce even more quality songs is all the more higher.

“Seventeen” is the mark of an exciting young band that seems to already have the tools and skills to please audiences and create good music. Some people may wish the production was a little tighter, but as it stands the current mixing gives the song a great raw garage feel, which is excellent for those who enjoy that. But considering how tight and polished other great anthemic tracks of this type are — and I dare to namedrop legendary songs such as Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall (Coldplay) and Iris (Goo Goo Dolls) — you might find yourself wishing the production of this song aspired to be like the crispness of songs like those. Nevertheless, it is clear that if the quality of this charming little track is any indication as to how good this Washington DC band can be, it seems only a matter of time before they captivate the indie rock scene. Keep this band on your radar.

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